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  1. I missed the webinar this past tuesday nite……what is the replay site or number please?….also as a paying member to this site…I have problems going to certain sections, it kicks me to a sign up page for $44 bucks…..how do we fix this?…..thanks in advance…..

    1. Hi Stephen I’m trying to get a replay link hopefully I’ll have it soon. The content is giving you a sales page because your payments are processing, maybe something’s up with your paypal? Feel free to email me if you need any help or anything.

    1. The person I had as a guest is no longer with my company and ended up stealing from me so I deleted the episode.

  2. Hey bob..ready to sign up for the video profits progam….hope its not to late….where do you want me to go to sign up?

  3. P.s cant get on the facebook group section or the private discussion section….all of my elite membership payments always go through….this is ongoing…please check my membership account to find out what wrong..other times im thrown to the new membership section to pay 44.00 per month..thanks in advance bob!!!!

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