Episode 24: Supriya Sells 16 Spaces in Three Weeks

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In today’s episode I’ve got Supriya in Massachusetts on the line ready to share with you her experience selling her first 9×12 card out in just three weeks… with a packed-full layout of 16 ad spaces.

While I wish Supriya had some kind of magical method that made this all possible, the fact is she just went out and talked to business owners everyday for 5 or 6 hours until all her spaces were filled. Even with a 17 month old baby at home she still made the time to get out and talk with local business owners.

This interview is just a pure testament to how simple the system is and how you don’t even have to be a sales superstar to get it done… Supriya moved here from India 5 years ago, had no sales background,  and didn’t try to ‘close’ anyone too hard… she simply kept talking with business owners until enough said yes, closing roughly 1 out of every 4 owners she talked to.

If she said she’d follow up, she followed up. Essentially, she just stuck to the plan and it worked, like it will for you.

Could she have had a higher closing rate than 1 out of every 4 if she discounted and closed harder? Sure, but she put the time in to reach enough business owners so that she wouldn’t have to budge on price much or start having to ‘close’ harder.

In fact she mentions she had to give one of the advertisers a discount, selling it for only $500 but only because he was ready to write the check in full right there.

There’s a few great nuggets sprinkled in this interview; one in particular I thought was helpful was that one guy had a customer in his store and the owner asked the customer what they thought of the card while Supriya was there. Of course the customer said they’d love to get it and that not only sealed the deal but also convinced his business partner on another business to go ahead and buy a space as well.

I think I’ll be using that one myself; why not grab a customer shopping around right while you’re pitching and ask them what they’d think of getting a coupon from the store in the mail, they could be your ace in the hole.



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