Episode 22: How Bill in Detroit Fires out 9×12’s On Only 2 Hours of Prospecting Per Month

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Today I’ve got Bill W. in Detroit on the phone who’s put out well over thirty 9×12’s over the past  few years while working a full-time job and doing barely any prospecting. Most of his cards virtually fill themselves each month, while the remaining spaces are filled using his sales letter that he mails out to cold prospects.

If you’re interested in building a passive money-maker out of the 9×12 then this is your chance to soak up half an hour of information right from the horse’s mouth.

What’s funny is that Bill didn’t even know we were recording until 20 minutes in, he thought we were just chatting before the show. Don’t worry I’ve bleeped out the naughty words!

Some interesting topics we discuss:

  • His 7-page sales letter that turns cold prospects into hot buyers.
  • His ‘guarantee’ and how he uses it to sell spaces
  • How he filled his first cards with barely any time to prospect
  • The mistakes most people are making when starting
  • A rundown of the industries he’s got on his cards and how easy or tough they are to get
  • His thoughts on 5,000 vs 10,000 piece campaigns
  • How many calls he gets per card just from his “advertise here” space on his 9×12
  • A simple approach to figuring out which area to target for prospecting & mailing
  • How he uses thank-you notes for his advertisers
  • What happened when he started doing web design work too
  • His mentality when he walks in to prospect face to face. You’ll laugh hystically when you hear what he recently said to an owner who challenged his price.

Enjoy, and thank you for the continued feedback and nudges to remind me to keep putting these out there for everyone.

– Jake (bob ross)