100% Deaf Member Ed in Tampa Makes $800 profit in five hours with his M6 postcards.

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Today we’ve got Ed in Florida, by way of New York.

Ed’s a forty-one year old married father of 2 little girls who works an 8-5 job but wanted something that would bring some extra income in. Like most full-time workers he didn’t have much free time, so naturally, a shared postcard, in this case an “M6” (six-space mailer) looked to be a perfect solution.

Ed and his beautiful family


He tried blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. but couldn’t find them reliable enough to generate a real supplemental income.

I recommended Ed reach out to Monica in regards to her mentorship program, went through her process, and once launched, filled his first M6 in just FIVE HOURS. No face to face prospecting or selling whatsoever.

Ed is also deaf. I thought I’d have to speak with an interpreter or machine or something, but he’s fortunate to have cochlear implants that transmit hearing to his brain. So that’s pretty interesting as well.

I know you’ll enjoy this interview and learn a lot from it. If you enjoy it please throw a shoutout to Ed for sharing his experience with us.

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