Episode 20: Six kids and out of work, Bruce W. finds long-time member Gregg nearby and teams up!

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Gregg and Bruce in PA with their new 9x12 completed

Gregg and Bruce in PA with their new 9×12 completed

Bruce, in Philadelphia, found himself out of a job when his employer closed their doors, and unfortunately couldn’t just sit on his butt since he has five hungry boys and a little girl at home to feed!

He stumbled across the 9×12 system, tried it out, and had a tough time doing it himself.

By luck, he noticed Gregg on the forum (who had 3 cards under his belt) and saw he was in the same area, so they met up and decided to tackle a new area as a team.

Now they have a card out and fourteen new paying advertisers.

For any of you considering working as a team with someone, this is a great testament to how a partner can enhance productivity,  accountability, and revenue by playing to each others strengths and weaknesses.

Surprisingly, even in their ultra-blue-collar rough ‘n tough neighborhood, they sold all their spaces at a respectable $500, with a chunk of the spaces prospects right over cold email.

Even when they were down to the last few hours of closing out the card, and two advertisers dropped off at the last minute, an email-prospected business owner reached out and bought a giant space to fill the gap and get the card out to print in time.

Take a listen and hear their methods that you can bring into your own business today.

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    bob…just signed up for your elite progam saturday for 25.00 per month. please remove from the 9.00 program that I’m being charged for and email me to let me know the charge was stopped. Also I need 9×12 samples…at leasr 50…please contact me asap..thanks in advance….stephen smalls @ goodnewsvan@ yahoo.com

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