Episode 27: How John Spangler Sells 9×12 for up to $1,000 Per Space and Never Worries About Response

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After a way-too-long hiatus, I’m back on the podcast and here to bring you a real banger … today I’ve got John Spangler in Lancaster PA who slammed out a 9×12 in 3 weeks, with just 13 ads yet still profiting well over $2,000.


John Spangler

What’s interesting is that John did this without hinging any of his ads on response. That means none of his advertisers are even expecting to get any response, yet they’re excited to pay upwards of $1,000 for a 9×12 space.

And if you’re thinking that the reason he’s getting such a premium price for his ads is due to the area he lives in, John lives in a rural town just like any random place in America. And he even has another 9×12’er right next door, as well as a massive established “clipper” coupon magazine presence to boot.

So if you’d like to get pumped up about doing 9×12 the right way, as a real business, then listen up and take everything John says in, because it’s an hour of pure content.

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    1. Old comment but I will chime in after just listening to the podcast.

      In the podcast, John said he only sold 11 of the spots and used a couple of the others for some personal projects/businesses. If he averaged $550 a spot that is a total revenue of $6,050. Subtract out 3,500 or so for costs related to getting the first card out and you are around 2500 in profit. He wanted to get a card out ASAP so that he could have that credibility with future clients.

  1. I read your Jobless Dad post on the Warrior Forum, it was very inspiring. You have a Free Jobless Dad WSO pdf, but the link doesn’t work. Any chance you can post the pdf file here? Thank you.

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