Podcast Ep45: 1099 vs Employee, Which Should You Hire?

Jake LorraineBusiness Tips, Podcast

Have you wanted to hire someone to do tasks or ‘dirty work’ like prospecting and calling for you? It makes sense. I’ve been hiring people since I started my own business. I knew right away how important it is to have other people doing tasks for you that you don’t need to be doing.

But, few marketers know the legal and tax implications of hiring, and while I’m not a professional at either, I can offer you some tips that might prevent you from getting in a lot of trouble.

Being an employer is amazing, you get to create jobs and make positive impacts on other people’s lives. And your business can grow really fast when you have other people doing the work for you. That’s how it should be.

Plus it works towards making your business an asset and not just as hobby or something that goes away if you do.

So listen to the podcast or watch it on youtube, either way hopefully this puts you on the right path.