Episode 41 – Making Money from Weird Places

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Whoah … it’s been TWO years since I lasted podcasted. Besides being upset with myself, I’m just shocked it’s been that long. Let’s see if I can stay consistent enough to put one out every week going forward and not be such an idiot to let this slide.

I’m ALSO putting youtube videos out regularly on my channel here, and this podcast episode has a corresponding video here:

In today’s episode I talk about how you can make money from “weird” places in your local area. And there’s a good marketing lesson or two in there especially about the cost of acquiring customers and how you can speed up the process of getting a portfolio of clients.

Plus a bit about getting free advertising for your business. All good things.

If you notice the extra voice on the podcast, that’s my trusty assistant Karilynn, who I hired in 2019 and has been alongside me on countless meetings and projects, and handles a lot of the technical stuff.

I look forward to releasing LOTS of content, regardless of how “well thought out” it is or not, and hope any bit of it can help you be more successful as a professional marketer.

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