Episode 16: How Aaron in Colorado Sold 17 Spaces at $500 each in just TWO easy weeks!

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Aaron A.

Seems like not a day goes by that we don’t have a new success story popping up; and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be the next one.

Aaron had a tough time selling digital marketing to local business owners, because they had such trouble ‘getting it’ but recently came across the 9×12 system and rapidly sold his very first card to the brim in only two short weeks.

He watched a webinar I did with Mike Cooch during Christmas week, took action, and filled his first card within the by the middle of January.

He packed the card with a full 16 but ended up squeezing one more in that desperately wanted on the card.

So how’d he do it? 

Take a listen and find out. There’s no chatter to worry about, it’s all straight content with no fluff.

Like all the interviews on here, these are real people no different than you, who simply follow the simple instructions and make it a success. Aaron even took his wife on one of his prospecting calls and she says to him… “that’s it? that’s all it takes?”

You’ll love Aaron’s down to earth, no frills style of prospecting and selling, requiring virtually no skill; just the desire to make it happen and let what happens happen. 

I’ll double-dog dare you to walk away after listening to this and not want to go out and fill your card up in two weeks.