Episode 21: How To Choose Between EDDM or Targeted Mailings

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Yes I know my site looks a little bare, but that’s because I’ve been spending all my time on the content area instead… which has some pretty jaw-dropping material if I must say.

You should check it out. 

Yep,  I finally released the new member content site, fully loaded with tutorials and guides you can take advantage of right away and start implementing tomorrow. You’ll find an arsenal of ways to make money using direct mail as well as a host of 9×12-related tutorials to help speed up your card completion. It’s all brand-spankin’ new stuff too; so that means you’ll be up for many nights in a row soaking it all in.

Today’s Episode

Today I’m going to show you how to choose between a shotgun or rifle when huntin’ for new customers for your clients. EDDM is the Shotgun and Targeted Mailing is the Rifle. They each have a useful purpose.

One blasts everything in sight and the other picks off specific targets one by one, choosing which one to use is an art that every direct marketer should be able to be comfortable with.

You can easily waste thousands of dollars of your clients money (or even your own), as well as put them through a load of frustration if you don’t know which one to use. This will help prevent those dreaded zero-to-low response campaigns that just didn’t make sense why they were so bad.

Fortunately, you can figure out which one to use quickly and accurately, plus you’ll look like a genius when you show them why.

Listen to how I do it and you can do the same starting today.

In my example,  you’ll see how a mailing that would cost over  $7,000 could actually be reduced down to less than $2,000 and deliver nearly the same results plus have a much happier client.

This will improve your direct marketing game by leaps and bounds. Listen in, find out how I do it, and let me know if you like it.

P.S. Because this is something that you’ll often need to reference down the road when needed, I’m putting together a video/audio/written guide on it together within the next few days and will be available to Elite members in the new content area. 


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