Episode 30: Updates! Something FREE is coming tomorrow …

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Nine months later a new podcast episode is here!

Why has it taken me so long to get back to podcasting? I don’t know … between running the office, working with clients, having another kid (six now!), and managing the online stuff as well has made it difficult.

But … most of the kids are in school now and it’s just our baby and 3 year old home, thus freeing up LOTS of time for me to come home during the day and bang these and other “bob ross” projects out. So that’s good news.

Business-wise everything is going great, although personal-wise it seems like everything that can go wrong has, but that’s life right? I talk about how pushing through these things and realizing that good (or bad) things tend to go in streaks.

While this episode doesn’t necessarily contain any groundbreaking content, TOMORROW’S will …

Because I’m dropping something for free tomorrow that you’ll seriously love. Friday 9/16 that all you 9×12’ers, Rapid Responsers and M3’ers are going to love love LOVE.

It’s something really simple, but extremely helpful.

So you better stay tuned for tomorrow’s podcast! (It might be a good idea to subscribe to updates).

P.S. elite members … don’t miss our webinar this Tuesday at 2pm.

P.S. P.S: Did you catch my earlier postcard response secrets guide and my brand-new all-in-one local marketing guide available right now?

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