Episode 17: How to sell spaces over email and paypal.

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Hey fellow marketers! I’m glad to announce that I’ll be immediately making this podcast show a weekly occurence, with episodes released every Wednesday.

As always, if you have any certain requests for content you’d like to see on here, feel free to post in the comments below.

This week, I’ve brought on a great guest, fellow 9×12’er and everyday chump like You and I… Sean in Pennsylvania.  Sean just got out of the Navy last year and needed to find a way to make money, so (understandably) he took up the 9×12 system while he looked for a job in the meantime.


Sean P.

Here he is proudly showing off his latest 9×12 campaign (10,000 baby!).

What’s truly impressive is that Sean sells nearly all his spaces over email, and most of those are done via paypal where he never has to meet them in person.

The few that do request to meet him basically do it as a formality, in which case he closes nearly all of them as he’s just there to pick up a check and prove he’s a real person.

What’s even more impressive is that there’s no trickery involved… he simply uses a very upfront and clear script, and a simple working system to produce results.

He even admits he doesn’t spend nearly as much time as he should on it, but it still works regardless.

Any of you that are trying to incorporate email prospecting AND selling into your 9×12 gameplan should tune your ears into this week’s podcast episode because Sean shares virtually everything.

There’s no reason you can’t duplicate exactly what he’s doing today.

Make sure to thank Sean in our member Facebook group for sharing his experience and simple working strategy.