Ep34: How Daniel in Canada Sold All Four of His 9×12 Cards in Just Days

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Daniel Wright in Ottawa Canada

Today on the show we’ve got Daniel Wright, originally from the UK, who left England for Canada in ’96 with nothing but a suitcase and six hundred bucks.

He had a directory card business that he modified for use in Canada (basically a laminated card that contained important phone numbers and info, along with ads he sold on it) and sold it full time, totaling approximately 13,500 ads sold, for fourteen years, stopping in 2009.

From then until recently he sold digital marketing, making over $100k per year until he lost 2/3 of his income nearly overnight. 

While he had the 9×12 system in the back of his mind, this sudden loss in digital marketing income spurred his


4:30: Left Britain in ’96 with a suitcase and $600 for Canada. Had a hard time filling a card in the city and quickly moved to smaller towns.

5:25: Sold directory ads in England, modified it for use in Canada; sold from 1996 until 2009. Did 30 towns a year, 30 spot ads, 13,500 ads that he sold over 15 years! Hired a salesman with no experience and very gentle demeanor who sold very well — the case being that no matter who you are you can do this.

8:45: Stopped his directory card business as the internet started to phase it out and interested faded. Went to digital marketing in 2009 and has continued to do it until recently, doing $100k+ per year. Lost a huge amount of recurring income (about 2/3 worth) and needed to find something to get money in again fast.

10:30: Originally picked up one of my 9×12 products a couple years ago and then bought another recent one that re-invigorated his interest. Spent about a week preparing everything. Really likes how it’s “safe” from the internet.

12:40: Always tallies up and tracks his closing rates so that he can remind himself of them when he’s going through tougher streaks where he couldn’t make sales.

15:10: Doesn’t sell on response rate as it leads to disaster.

15:50: Sold 14 spots in 2.5 days. Only took 24 presentations and did it in a few days. Sold at a lower price just to get his confidence up — $320 per ad. Now gets $400 comfortably. $4,000 profit!

19:00: Always does 100% face to face. He doesn’t see the point of doing other kinds of prospecting, just go out in the area you’re working. Goes over his opening introduction.

Live Facebook Questions

21:20: Leo asks what his most common objections are.

23:00: John asks if there’s a technique to picking out the best prospects.

25:00: How much time to spend and what to do when an owner isn’t around. Mentions a very interesting thing he’s noticed about callbacks — 50% of them called him back and went with it.

26:20: Yvonne asks how fast he filled the cards. He goes over how many cards he’s done (4), selling 1 out of every 2-2.5 he does a presentation to.

27:45: How he collects payment.  Also goes over his close. [this is a fantastic sentence!]. Also goes over how he conditions and justifies prospects for the price so they see it as a huge bargain.

29:34: Goes over his opening introduction again. [GREAT WORDING HERE YOU CAN COPY!].

30:50: Aftab asks if he was starting today, what would be the first ones to go to?

35:00: Trying to get entirely out of digital marketing. 9×12 is generating cash and has helped immensely. Doing work in linkedin for other marketers as well. 9×12 is making the majority of his income.

37:45: Richard asks if they say “too expensive” or “Already spent my marketing budget”, how to handle? Also talks about how he prices each ad considering they’re different sizes.

40:00: Goes over his opening introduction and presentation again.

42:00: Goes over his closing

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