Episode 26: Bret in Iowa’s Prospecting Email That’s Selling 9×12 Left and Right. You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Doing It.

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“I’d have to work 120 hours to make what I just made on this card!” says our guest today.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

Bret, a VERY humble Gym Teacher in Iowa, gets on the line today and shares his experience selling 9×12’s. I had no clue it would turn into this magical of a conversation.

Let’s just say if a guy can work full-time as a School Gym Teacher in the day… Driving Instructor in the late afternoon … plus Coach his two sons Baseball teams… and still manage to sell 9×12 spaces while showing up to appointments in walmart sweatpants…. YOU CAN TOO.

This guy literally only has an hour or two to prospect per day, which is roughly 10-11pm, at which point he sends 10-20 emails and he’s pretty sure it has resulted in at least one sale EVERY time. So of course I asked him what the heck is he saying… and I was surprised that he was actually giving the price right in the emails.

It didn’t make sense to be honest. So then a minute or two later as we’re talking he remembers he forgot to tell me an absolutely jaw-dropping ‘element’ he’s including in every email. Suddenly it made¬†sense.

I could tell you at least a dozen gold nuggets Bret shared but it’s best to just take the time and listen to it all right from the horse’s mouth.