Episode 26: Bret in Iowa’s Prospecting Email That’s Selling 9×12 Left and Right. You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Doing It.

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“I’d have to work 120 hours to make what I just made on this card!” says our guest today.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

Bret, a VERY humble Gym Teacher in Iowa, gets on the line today and shares his experience selling 9×12’s. I had no clue it would turn into this magical of a conversation.

Let’s just say if a guy can work full-time as a School Gym Teacher in the day… Driving Instructor in the late afternoon … plus Coach his two sons Baseball teams… and still manage to sell 9×12 spaces while showing up to appointments in walmart sweatpants…. YOU CAN TOO.

This guy literally only has an hour or two to prospect per day, which is roughly 10-11pm, at which point he sends 10-20 emails and he’s pretty sure it has resulted in at least one sale EVERY time. So of course I asked him what the heck is he saying… and I was surprised that he was actually giving the price right in the emails.

It didn’t make sense to be honest. So then a minute or two later as we’re talking he remembers he forgot to tell me an absolutely jaw-dropping ‘element’ he’s including in every email. Suddenly it made¬†sense.

I could tell you at least a dozen gold nuggets Bret shared but it’s best to just take the time and listen to it all right from the horse’s mouth.



Comments 11

  1. Thanks for sharing your email, Bret. The reason that it works makes perfect sense. Why didn’t I think of that?! You are very kind to share the actual email with us. And thanks for another great interview, Jake!

  2. Just before the 10 minute mark he talks about a spreadsheet that lists how he got the businesses, how much he charged, etc… Can you share that here?

    1. Post
  3. I found the download for the spreadsheet but don’t see either the sample emails he mentions sharing with us or the “samples” but not sure if the “samples” mean the emails or if they are samples of his card layout etc.

    He also is talking about where he goes first.. Low Hanging fruit at just before minute 36 of the recording he is saying “…always go to the (sounds like) ..war market first…” But I assume I am hearing that wrong. What is he saying to go to first?


  4. Bret’s obviously a great guy, and his sales spreadsheet report was interesting. But where is his “killer email that’s selling 9×12 left and right”? What is he saying!

  5. I think he’s referring to how he includes a picture of the 9×12 sample, and says, “I’ve attached a picture of the sample of the mailing piece we’re doing.” Start listening at 37:30.

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