Episode 38: Some Juicy Real Estate Marketing Secrets

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Today you’ll learn some great ways to help real estate agents get more leads and listings; or if you’re a real estate professional yourself — some ways you’ll get more leads and listings!

It’s a long episode, and generally I edit anything that’s over an hour long down to 45 minutes or less … but this time I couldn’t actually find anything to edit out — it’s packed that good with content.

I’ve got Zach Hammer, a long time business associate whom I’ve done over $100,000 in real estate mailers with over the last few years and who knows all sorts of secrets, tips, and tricks that NO ONE ELSE IS TEACHING.

You’ll learn some incredibly brilliants ways to get real estate agents interested in what you’ve got, including a nifty way to automate it, and also some services that will not only be interesting, but have agents thinking you’re the messiah of real estate marketing.


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