Episode 29: 21 year-old Mike H. in Connecticut discovers direct mail in college, then quickly sells 15 spaces at full pricing

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Twenty-one year old Mike in Connecticut was shocked to hear from his college professor (he’s majoring in marketing) that Direct Mail was the king of all advertising.

Not totally believing him, he started googling it and eventually came across the 9×12 system, which he says made a lot more sense to him than other methods. So what did he do? He went and sold fifteen spaces at $500+ to local businesses in just a few weeks (about two weeks considering a week being sick where he could barely breathe).

He said many business owners didn’t take him quite seriously at first (probably due to his age) but it obviously didn’t stop him and they didn’t hesitate to write checks out.

Listen for the next 25 minutes or so and you’ll learn how he did everything.

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