Ep33: Ken in L.A. Left His Corporate Job and Does Three 9×12 Cards In No Time

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Ken, in Los Angeles, is no marketing slouch; having recently left working at a large marketing agency in order to pursue his passion for local marketing. He’s done three 9×12’s so far and everything’s going great, with around a 70% recurring rate of advertising already.


2:20 – A really unique way of promoting 9×12’s that I never thought of specifically.

3:40 – How to determine if it makes sense to join your local chamber of commerce

7:00 – On leaving the corporate world and forgetting about “whales”.

9:00 How Google Pay Per Click has nosedived

11:00 How the 9×12 is connecting better now to clients. The tool Ken uses to get them to understand quickly how ‘real’ this is.

12:45 The tagline Ken uses that’s very powerful.

15:00 How Ken consults with companies on making them different and unique with an advantage. (Ken also gives a workshop with SCORE on this topic). 16:15 Ken reveals an incredibly simple question that you’ll love and want to use right away.

17:00 The specific questions Ken uses as qualifiers to see if it’s a business he wants to work with.

21:00 How Ken is prospecting (filling 3 cards so far!). 25:40 is an EXCELLENT opening line that everyone can start using right away that really helps get to the owner.

26:40 The software he ses to keep organized and follow up with owners (as well as how to get their emails).

29:45 The biggest mistake some 9×12’ers make when they’re out prospecting.

31:00 Even though the first card was rough, he got 70% to recur on the next card — and also sold other services.

33:00 Bartering

34:00 The extreme amount of “competition” (magazines and coupon mailers, etc.) and how he’s handling it.

35:30 A really great phrase Ken uses to crush competition. USE THIS YOURSELF!

36:45 “Community marketing” and how 9×12 fits into it (as well as how it integrates with digital marketing).

39:50 What digital marketing IS working currently for local digital marketing


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