Episode 18: Shove Coupon Objections Down Their Throat

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In today’s episode I’ll help you tackle the all-too-common “we don’t do coupons!” objection you’ll come across here and there. It’s a real stunner for some marketers who have a hard time changing their minds about using coupons and beating the ‘stigma’ associated with them.

Usually it’s when you’re dealing with some fancy-schmancy place that thinks they’re ‘too good’ for coupons. You know the type… the ones that probably sniff the cork on the wine bottle before drinking.

Rather than just putting your tail between your legs and leaving, I’ll share with you some proven ways to change their minds about it and see everything in a different light.

Also, I’ll share with you a free ‘tool’ that will help really shove it down their throats and have their own objection fire back at them…. coupons from brands that are FAR more upscale than their local sh*tshow they think is too good:

coach coupon pic coach-bag-discount coach-bag-discount3

Keep some of these printed and in your toolkit to show or email.

If their head is inflated enough to think that whatever they’re peddling¬†is somehow above something like Coach (or plenty of other upscale brands that smartly offer coupons)… then have a laugh and walk off… but as you’ll hear in today’s episode, I’ll show you how to change their minds elegantly so that they “see the light”.

And of course end up buying from you.

Let me know what’cha think.

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  1. Bob…Love all your podcasts…I joined 9×12 not that long ago and so I’ve only been prospecting for about 2 weeks…and so far…I haven’t run into “we don’t do coupons” business owners…but when I do…I will respond with value…because of this episode…thanks:)

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