Podcast Episode 46: I found out Why EDDM Rates Went DOWN, and where they’re going next year.

Jake LorraineAudio, Podcast, Video

Well I found out why EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) postage went down this year, instead of up. You would think that with everything everywhere going up in cost, and especially with postage in general going up multiple times a year … that EDDM would too, but nope. The USPS overlords for some reason lowered it.

I was literally losing sleep over this, not because I wasn’t happy for the decrease, I mean that’s pretty excellent to pay less postage on local postcard campaigns, but it was just friggin’ strange. And annoying for those of us who use permits to process our EDDM’s because we suddenly lost our 3 cent savings. They INCREASED the cost of permit every door direct mail and decreased retail (non-permit). Making them essentially the same. It’s weird.

But I dug and dug and eventually figured it out. Here’s the answer.