Episode 22: How Bill in Detroit Fires out 9×12’s On Only 2 Hours of Prospecting Per Month

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Today I’ve got Bill W. in Detroit on the phone who’s put out well over thirty 9×12’s over the past  few years while working a full-time job and doing barely any prospecting. Most of his cards virtually fill themselves each month, while the remaining spaces are filled using his sales letter that he mails out to cold prospects. If you’re interested … Read More

Episode 21: How To Choose Between EDDM or Targeted Mailings

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Subscribe in iTunes New Member Content Downloads! Yes I know my site looks a little bare, but that’s because I’ve been spending all my time on the content area instead… which has some pretty jaw-dropping material if I must say. You should check it out.  Yep,  I finally released the new member content site, fully loaded with tutorials and guides you can … Read More

Episode 20: Six kids and out of work, Bruce W. finds long-time member Gregg nearby and teams up!

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Bruce, in Philadelphia, found himself out of a job when his employer closed their doors, and unfortunately couldn’t just sit on his butt since he has five hungry boys and a little girl at home to feed! He stumbled across the 9×12 system, tried it out, and had a tough time doing it himself. By luck, he noticed Gregg on the forum (who had … Read More

Episode 19: Fill your 9×12 in EIGHT days and get massive barter in the process. Frank & Michelle G. interview.

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Throw your “I don’t have enough time” excuses to the birds because the unstoppable team of Frank and Michelle G. have busier schedules than all of us but they make the time. The result? A card filled at max capacity in only EIGHT short days. Frank’s a full-time firefighter and his wife Michelle runs their local marketing business (as well as a travel agency). To boot, they’ve … Read More