Episode 15: Smacking Down Terrifying Competitors

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In this ’emergency’ podcast episode, I share some insight on what to do when a terrifying situation comes up; when the dreaded competitor comes ’round. In this case, Allison reports in our Facebook discussion group she came across a competitor selling a nearly similar product for HALF the price as her. … Read More

Episode 12: Tom Gaddis In Hawaii Goes from Unemployed to Selling 16 spots in 7 days, landing copywriting gigs at $1500 each, and even selling 15k/yearly contractors by solo mail!

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Tom Gaddis moved from Oklahoma to Maui (Hawaii) a few years ago with no professional contacts whatsoever. After working as a struggling magician and bubba gump restaurant manager, he soon found himself out of a job and unemployment running out. Then he happened to come across the 9×12 system, picked … Read More