Episode 25: How to Beat the Piss Out of Valpak!

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If you’ve got a “competitor” (not really a competitor though) that’s doing shared mailers in an envelope or magazine format, like ValPak, Money Mailer, Clipper Magazine, etc. then you’ll know how frustrating it is to hear from prospects how they sound more valuable than your 9×12. Well here’s how to … Read More

Episode 24: Supriya Sells 16 Spaces in Three Weeks

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In today’s episode I’ve got Supriya in Massachusetts on the line ready to share with you her experience selling her first 9×12 card out in just three weeks… with a packed-full layout of 16 ad spaces. While I wish Supriya had some kind of magical method that made this all … Read More

Episode 18: Shove Coupon Objections Down Their Throat

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In today’s episode I’ll help you tackle the all-too-common “we don’t do coupons!” objection you’ll come across here and there. It’s a real stunner for some marketers who have a hard time changing their minds about using coupons and beating the ‘stigma’ associated with them. Usually it’s when you’re dealing … Read More

Episode 17: How to sell spaces over email and paypal.

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Hey fellow marketers! I’m glad to announce that I’ll be immediately making this podcast show a weekly occurence, with episodes released every Wednesday. As always, if you have any certain requests for content you’d like to see on here, feel free to post in the comments below. This week, I’ve … Read More