Your HUGE Unfair Advantage

Your HUGE Unfair Advantage

No matter what business you’re in, you need develop some kind of clear advantage over your competitors. That’s just basic business sense. An advantage might be better customer service, better return policy, more convenient location, better hours, lower price, etc. The clearer and more significant that advantage is, the better.

(Despite how simple that advice might be, a LOT of businesses never really figure out an advantage and get swallowed up by a competitor).

Now even better though, is having an UNFAIR advantage. That’s really what you want to aim for. Having an advantage that seems plain unfair to competitors will really jostle them as well as impress the hell out of your prospects and clients. So what IS an unfair advantage?

An unfair advantage is something that you can provide or have resources for that no one else seems to even be able to come close to. Likely due to having certain connections or relationships or special circumstances. Imagine if you were selling SEO and you just also happened to have a secret source at google that could direct all traffic to your clients sites. (wouldn’t that be nice!).

An Easy Unfair One

Fortunately, if you’re using my New Mover Postcard system or really most any of my postcard systems, you have a lot of these unfair advantages in place. Mostly being that you’ll be grouping advertisers together so they’re all sharing the cost. Combine that with the resources I give you to print extremely cheaply (and fast), secure the lowest postage, and the cheapest design costs … you have essentially an unbeatable package.