Step 4: How to Price, Profit, and Package

Step 4: How to Price, Profit, and Package

Let’s talk a little more about pricing but also about profit.

The price really should be under $50 for a 250-piece new mover card. It’s just such an insignificant amount of money that the price alone does the selling for you. Some marketers sell 500-piece new mover campaigns and sell the spaces for $75-$100 but if you’re just starting out and getting clients in your door is the goal … do 250 cards and charge less than $50.

Now Profit …

This is not a system designed to make you rich. it’s a system designed to get people in the door and get results so you have relationships to cultivate. That said, you will end up with a couple hundred bucks in your pocket.

If you print your postcard through my site,, I will print & deliver your 250 new mover cards for approximately $170. You’ll put a stamp on each one so that will cost you $137.50 currently as of 2020, totaling roughly $307 for printing and postage.

Design cost for each ad will depend on whether you’re doing it yourself or paying someone … so add that in as well (which depends a lot on your designers rates & how many ads you have — more on that later).

Let’s say your out-the-door cost of a 250 piece new mover card is $375 and you have 14 ads on it. That means your breakeven cost is just under $27 per ad. Anything you charge above that is profit. So $45 per space nets you a little over $250.

But Jake, $250 isn’t that much?

Ehhh, well …

You are a business owner right? Don’t we tell other business owners about the importance of marketing and how spending on marketing is wise because you’re essentially buying new customers who have lifetime value?

Well, here you are, acquiring customers who have lifetime value for your business, and not only are you not paying for them, they’re paying YOU! So don’t think of it as “just making a measly few hundred bucks”. Think of it as getting paid $250 to have more than a dozen paying clients added to your stable!

As I mentioned in the previous lesson, you’re not looking to actually make a living on this method. This isn’t your core service, it’s a system that will get people in so you don’t have to discount your regular services. The profit you make is really just a bonus..

What you price each space for is ultimately up to you, and will require some finangling based on how many spaces you’re going to put on the card, how much you want to make, and how much everything will cost you. But keep it LOW!

Reducing Your Costs

There are a couple ways you can actually get your costs of producing the card lower and I’ll touch on them over the next few lessons where they’re more relevant, but just as a heads up I’ll summarize:

  • You can get cheaper printing if you’re an elite member of mine. Here is my elite member pricing, which you’ll see lowers the 250 card cost from $170 to $115 delivered.
  • You can lower the cost of postage. If you purchase a mailing permit from the USPS, you will get access to a program called the “small business intelligent mail tool” allowing you to get reduced postage, as low as about 25 cents each in some cases.
  • You can design your own ads, using either my Adobe Photoshop templates that I’ve included, or if you don’t have adobe photoshop … using free beautiful canva templates like Monica’s wonderful package includes here.

If you get everything down as low as possible, you’re looking at a cost of about $180, giving you only a $12.50 cost per ad on 14 spaces!!! That’s a potential $500 profit per card. But just remember, it’s not really about making a killing on these.

The Importance of a “REAL” Foot in the Door

The word “foot in the door” service gets thrown around a lot nowadays. Chances are most products you see released now about for local marketing will mention that they’re a great foot in the door. That’s because a heaping lot of products and courses today are just wild theory or little nonsense techniques that don’t really produce response for clients. So the product creator says “hey let’s call this a foot in the door so we can tell the marketer to just use it to sell more of their other services”.

I don’t really agree with that because what’s the point of getting someone in the door if you can’t deliver something that’s going to spark them to buy more? Like who cares if you convinced a plumber to spend $250 on your little shit service … if it didn’t produce any results or have some real value to it, all you did was swindle them out of $250 and turn them off to anything else you have to offer.

What a REAL foot in the door, like New Mover Cards, does, is not only costs cheap … but has a real shot at delivering response. You want your new client to be saying, “Wow, if I gave this girl $50 and she did all this, what can she do for $500! $5000 …”


You can also package New Mover Cards with other services/products. I do this all the time. In fact I personally don’t do New Mover Cards by themselves very often because I’ve nearly ran out of “new clients” being I have so many in my area. Most of the time I package New Mover Cards together with other co-op cards going to different neighborhoods. Lately, my favorite combination is to do 250 new movers along with Community Cards going to 1500-2500 people in nearby communities (I charge $75-$100 for this).

When you’re JUST starting out, stick with New Movers by themselves just to keep things simple. Then start packaging things together. Even mixing digital is great … add some Facebook ads, etc. By packaging things together you can create unique marketing products that attack different channels at the same time while keeping cost affordable.