New Movers

Lesson 1: New Movers

New movers are (in my opinion) the best way to start off selling local marketing. The #1 reason is that no one else is really offering anything like that, yet it’s something every business wants. It’s really that “perfect” audience that appeals to virtually every business that sells to consumers and it has real legs to it.

If you haven’t sold your first client yet, this is PERFECT for you.

I’m confident if you follow my simple procedures you’ll have at least a dozen paying clients in about a weeks time. These relationships can be turned into relationships that will often last many years if you cultivate them. And what if you do have clients, but need more? This is an ideal way to deliver a steady stream of ‘new blood’. You’ll see right away how positive owner’s reactions are when you mention how you can get them in front of people who’ve just moved into town. Their ears perk right up! This is in stark contrast to the reactions you get when offering other services like SEO/Websites, etc.

In fact, you’ll probably want to use New Mover Marketing to sell MORE SEO, Web Design, Reputation Mgmt, Facebook Ads, or whatever you’re core business is. I think that whatever you enjoy selling and are good at, you should stick with, but use New Movers as a tool to get you more clients through the door.

New Mover Stats to Know

In the USA (and I assume similarly in other countries), the average family moves every 6-7 years. This means no matter where you live, there will be some quantity of people new to your area at any given time.

These people have to discover new places to do business. They need to find new laundromats, home improvement, chiropractors, dentists, physicians, insurance agents, restaurants, furniture stores, childcare, salons, grocery stores, auto shops, and most anything else you can think of.

And they spend a LOT doing it. If you google around you’ll see that studies show anywhere from $6,000-$12,000 is usually spent during the first 6mos to 1 year time from when someone moves.

Point blank, it’s a hot audience.

Here’s What You’re Going to Do:

My “New Mover Postcard System” is very straightforward.

You’re going to:

  1. take a large postcard, 11″ wide by 6″ tall
  2. fill it with 12-15 or so coupons from local businesses
  3. mail it to 250 recent movers

That’s it! It’s really that simple.