Step 3: Landing Quick YES’s!

Step 3: Landing Quick YES’s

Okay now it’s time to fill your spaces!

This card needs to be filled FAST. Do not waste time. You’re not going to make a million dollars on each of these cards, your profit will be a few hundred bucks, so do this in as little time as possible.

So here are a few tips on how to fill spaces as fast as possible:

  • Reach owners FAST
  • Don’t rely on your feet to prospect
  • Keep the price CHEAP (under $50)
  • Use a fast script
  • Reach out to your Network

Let’s expand a little bit on each, and you’ll be good to go:

Reach Owners Fast

It’s important you don’t waste too much time dealing with gatekeepers or hard-to-reach owners. You want to target businesses that you’ll likely be able to get the owner directly on the phone, or who will be answering their Facebook messages, etc. Over time you might want to put more effort into reaching the more high-ticket harder-to-reach businesses, but if you’re just starting out you really don’t need to worry about that now. Just work with businesses that are super “mom ‘n pop”.

Don’t Rely on Your Feet

I am always an advocate of “door to door” prospecting and I think you should often visit local businesses in person to introduce yourself but for these new mover cards, it can take up a lot of time. So I HIGHLY suggest you use email and Facebook to communicate with businesses. I have sold countless spaces over FB and email without ever meeting owners face to face. It works when you have something as simple, cheap, and clear as this.

Disclaimer: Email and Facebook are not too keen on spam, so don’t be a spammer. Be polite, non salesy, and don’t get too aggressive sending messages.

Should you avoid face-to-face prospecting altogether? It’s up to you. I can tell you this though … the closing rate on these when you’re face to face with an owner will be extremely high. You’ll sell nearly every person you come in front of … because of such a low cost. Even if they’re not that interested, they’ll often buy a space to try just because it’s easier to fork out $35 or $40 rather than turn you away.

Keep the Price CHEAP

I know I’ll get some flak from some of you reading this about how cheap I suggest you sell spaces for, but hear me out …

This system is DESIGNED to be cheap. What you sell spaces for is entirely up to you, but I recommend under $50. $35 to $45 is ideal. Why would you want to price something so low? It’s so that you have the absolute best chance of getting a YES. You’re looking to get people on your card and in the door. I find that having a cheap little system like this to get people in is FAR better than trying to get people in by discounting your regular services as an incentive.

Let me explain that further:

Most marketers get themselves into trouble by selling their services too cheap. They’ll have their regular services that they should be charging, say $500 or $1,000 for, but they’ll discount the shit out of them in order to get someone in the door. They’ll usually say the discount is for a trial period or something, giving them the hope that once they’re in, they’ll happily pay full price later on for. But that almost NEVER works. Trust me. Which is why discounting your core services is a really bad idea. Instead, create a whole separate product or service that you can discount the absolute heck out of to get them in the door. If you can not only price it insanely cheap but also give it a tremendously high value … even better … which is why I prefer New Movers as my “sparker” as I call them.

Then you’re not having to discount your regular core services that you deserve to charge full-pop for.

Use a Fast Script

So you’ve got this great opportunity. I mean why on God’s green earth would any business owner not want to get in front of people who’ve just moved into town? Well, unfortunately business owners are relentlessly pounded by marketers, charities, and vendors asking for money on a daily basis. This pestering makes them jaded and throws up red flags anytime marketers reach out.

So you have to

  1. Not scream “I’m a pest looking for money”
  2. Be able to quickly get them to understand what you have

In order to not instantly look like a salesperson, I suggest you introduce yourself as “owning a local printing business”. This accomplishes two things, one it establishes right away that you’re a business owner like them, and two it tells them you’re not looking to sell them marketing. Printing is a very safe word to use around business owners as there’s virtually no negative connotation I ALWAYS lead in with the printing angle. You will never find me or my reps introducing ourselves as “marketers” to cold prospects. You’re just instantly asking for them to start ignoring you.

Next, you need to keep your script SHORT and direct. This is not the time for any kind of long ass sales pitch. Even a big paragraph is too much. If it looks like a wall of text, or takes more than 30 seconds to pitch … stop it!

This is the script I use for both in-person and over text:

In-person, I’ll ask for the owner, introduce myself (hi my name’s Jake, I own a small printing company here in Whitesboro) and then I say: “Every time Someone moves to the area I send them a welcome postcard. Would you guys want to be on it?”

I also sometimes modify to this in text: “Hi, I own a printing business in town and I send welcome cards to people who just moved here. Would you like to be on it?”

Any slight variation of words is fine, just keep it simple. You’re basically asking them a question that just makes complete sense to say yes to. They’ll usually ask “how much does it cost?” which is great because it shows they’re interested, and when you say it’s only $35 it’s just nearly impossible to say no. If you want to put a little bit of pressure on, it’s fine to say it’s $50 but since you really want them on there and you have a space open for this card, you’d be happy to do $35, that’s fine too! That will net you a few more extra sales, because sometimes people will say they’re interested but for ‘next month’ … and this way you’re able to get them on your card that you want filled right now.

Easy peasy. I don’t want to complicate it, just prearrange your card and get that script in front of owners! You’ll have spaces filled within moments. Don’t be surprised if you fill half your card in just an afternoon.

Lastly, use your network.

Post on your social media, ask friends if they know anyone they work for or business owners they know if they’d be interested. Mention what you’re doing to relatives at family gatherings … many of them will work directly under general managers or owners and can get your offer in front of them. This isn’t like hawking MLM or some crummy service, it’s something really inexpensive and has a high-interest for business owners.