Step 1: Finding New Movers (Easy!)

How to Find New Movers

(This is another resource that contributes to your business having an unfair advantage.)

It’s surprisingly easy to find lists of people who have just recently moved to your area (or anywhere in the USA). You just have to hit up your local (or semi-local) library. Many of them have access to one of two databases:

  1. ReferenceUSA
  2. AtoZDatabases

Either one of those databases will give you fresh new mover lists. And the best part is … you can access them all online from wherever you are! You don’t have to physically go to the library to look them up. You’ll only need a library card to login. These databases aren’t in every library system, so you might have to do a little bit of legwork but trust me it’s worth it and I’ll lay the plan out for you so you can get access:

Step 1: Does Your Local Library Have Access?

The easiest and first step would be to see if your local system has a subscription to these databases. If it does, then bingo, you’re all set, just stop in a local branch, get a library card, and you’ll be able to login anytime, anywhere.

(By the way, a library card is worth getting regardless as there’s often so many other resources available like, free kindle books to borrow, and so much more).

How do you find out if your library has access to either? You can either:

  • Call them and ask
  • Search on your library’s website
  • Ask ReferenceUSA and AtoZDatabase Support

Step 2: If it Doesn’t, Find Out Who Does

Don’t worry, not all libraries have access. The good thing is, there will be a library system in your state that does. And most will allow you, as an in-state resident, a library card for either free or a small fee ($25/year typically). If they charge more, find another one in your state.

How do you find a library in your state that has access?

  • Ask ReferenceUSA and AtoZDatabases support. Their reps are really helpful and will be able to tell you right away who has access in your state.
  • Google terms like “ReferenceUSA Library Michigan” and see what systems pop-up.

Once you find the system(s) that have them, look for “get a library card” and do a little digging around to find their policy for out-of-area, but in-state residents.

You MIGHT have to figure out a creative way to get the actual library card if you can’t come in and get it. Remember, you don’t actually have to go to a physical library to access the databases, but some libraries won’t give you your card number without picking up the physical card. I’ve helped numerous members of mine figure this one out. If you have a friend or family member who can grab the card, or you make a day trip to the library, it’s generally worth it to have access.

If you’re in a spot where you simply can’t pickup the physical card, explain to your librarian your situation and get them to simply give you your card number. You’re not “pulling one over on them” or anything, so don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong. You simply want to access a database they have. In fact, for my access to ReferenceUSA I had to do the same thing, explain that I couldn’t come get my card and eventually they helped me out and got my card number to me so I could access it.

Step 3: If All Else Fails …

The last thing I want is for you to not be able to start a new mover card because you can’t get a list of new movers. While I understand that it might involve a little legwork to get access, please DO put the effort in. Don’t just give up because you don’t feel like asking a library or support. This is an incredibly valuable tool and resource to have in your marketing agency. These databases have tremendously valuable lists of new movers, new businesses, businesses in general, and so much more.

Now if you absolutely cannot get access for whatever reason (can’t find a library, or you live overseas), here are your solutions:

  • Reach out to any friend or family member that lives anywhere that has access. If Aunt Judy lives in Atlanta Georgia, call her up and tell her you miss her and ask her to get a library card for access. If you have kids in college or living elsewhere, ask them (do the research though to see if their local library has access).
  • If you have no connections and are an elite member in my group, post and you’ll find someone who can probably help you out, even if it’s just to pull up a list for you!
  • Last resort, email me and let me know you’ve tried everything and I’ll put one of my assistants on it to get you a list and help sort you out.

I want you to have access!!!!

How Accurate are These Lists?

You might wonder … how the hell can new movers be discovered in the first place? Well, to be honest it’s a little bit scary but I think we’re all not surprised anymore at how much information is collected and sold on us every day.

New mover lists are compiled by two main sources:

  • Experian (chances are you change your billing addreses when you move right?) who sells this information
  • Cable/Internet providers. Chances are you gotta hook up internet to your new place right? Well, they sell your info and you end up on one of these lists.

How Many To Mail To?

For a New Mover Postcard.