Secrets to Getting Great Response

Secrets to Getting Great Response

I should hope that you want to get good response from your ads right?

Now let’s get this out of the way … not EVERY ad is going to do amazingly well. Some might not even get any response. You’re not a fortune teller and these are pretty small quantities, so don’t expect miracles every time. The good thing is though, reaching new movers is GOOD no matter what and you should always reinforce that to your advertisers. You definitely don’t want them only advertising based on response … you want them to understand it’s a good idea to be in front of new movers and that it’s worth the small price to keep doing it. Any response is just a bonus! This way you’re not setting yourself up for any expectations you can’t control.

Some businesses just naturally will get more response, because they’re more frequently purchased, like food compared to chiropractors. You can always increase the odds of response though by convincing your advertiser to give the best possible incentives they can.

10-15% for example, is a pretty weak incentive, but if the ad is for a commodity, like say wine & liquor, it can do fantastic. If it’s for commodity-type stuff … this is totally fine!

BOGO and BOGO 1/2 (buy one get one free or buy one get one half off) are always good options to get people in.

25, 30, and even 50% off’s are generally perceived as very high value by consumers so you’ll often do well with those.

$$ off, such as $5 off any purchase of $20 or more can do well too.

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