Step 2: Pre-Arranging Advertisers

Step 2: Prearranging Advertisers

Doing some prep work will go a LONG way. I cannot stress how important it is to fill your card QUICK. You don’t want to spend a lot of time prospecting, you just want to fill these spaces up and get this card out the door.

Download my “Prearranged Advertisers” spreadsheet here.

The spreadsheet is very simple, containing common niches that are good for new mover card. Open it up in Google Sheets so you can always access it wherever you are. You’re going to go through that list and start filling each column with a good 10-20 businesses for each category. You can either pull these up using your newfound ReferenceUSA or AtoZDatabase account or you can just start googling! Building this list shouldn’t take you more than an evening at most. It’s also a great task to pay a kid $10 or so to do.

(If you right click on a column and choose to “insert column next to it, you can enter their phone numbers or emails.)

Why Pre-Arrange Them?

I’m telling you, having this list together will save you so much time filling spaces. Do you have to contact all of them? NO! Don’t worry, it’s not going to take that long filling spaces … you’re just getting a good variety of niches and prospects down so you can pick and choose. It helps ensure you have a good selection on your card so it’s kind of mapped out beforehand.

Try to avoid just asking random businesses to be on your card, you’ll end up wasting time. Get all your niches and prospects in those niches together, sit back and analyse your lists a little bit and reach out to a few in each niche.