Printing and Dropshipping

If you’re not aware, I own a full-service brick and mortar printing shop with INSANELY low prices, fast turnaround, and shipping to all 50 states.

You’ll need to email me and myself or one of my team will give you discounted rates on these.

For review Cards (business card format), on 16pt cardstock, UV ultragloss, delivered to you:

$31 for 250 + $10 for rounded corners (optional).

$35 for 500 + $15 for rounded corners. (optional).

$38 for 1000 + $20 for rounded corners (optional).

And I am currently selling NFC business cards (rounded corners) for:

$10 each, any quantity (as few as one). Plus ship.

Please email me at [email protected] with any questions/orders/inquiries, we’re happy to help!