NFC Cards (For Your own Use and to Sell!)

NFC Cards (“Near-Field Communication”) are really incredible if you haven’t seen or used them.

If you don’t know what they are, they are little tags, stickers, or cards which have radio signals embedded into them and can launch a website link of your choosing onto someone else’s phone.

That means if you create a business card size piece with NFC enabled, you can simply TAP a phone to it and up will pop your google review link!

You can also affix a tag to most anything you want, from small signs and displays, to posterboards, etc. and it will launch whatever URL you want onto the person’s phone. Super cool technology.

For example, a quick google search for NFC google review cards, shows various places selling them, like this below, generally for $25-$50 each plus shipping.

But I can print them much cheaper for you, leaving you PLENTY of room to mark them up for profit.

These are GREAT as a tool to use for your own personal use, business use, or to sell to business owners. Especially considering that I’m able to print these (full color both sides, rounded corners, credit card sized) for you for only $9.50 each (plus ship), fully programmed for any URL you want.

Order as few as 1, I don’t care!

Here’s another one I’ve been seeing promoted heavily on FB ads:

Now imagine yourself being able to buy these for 1/20th of the price. .

How to ORDER: Just shoot me an email: [email protected] and someone on my team or myself will take care of you as always.

Print one just to show business propects how it works. Simply hover it close to your or their phone, and watch as your review link (or website, or contact info) is immediately popped up on their device.

I can tell you this, almost every business owner that will pay attention will want some for themselves.

Resell them for $20-$40 each for an easy profit and still be a bargain buy for them.

Or if you’re a business owner and want some for your business, simply get them for a fraction of what everyone else is charging.

Corey Pebler, a marketing friend of mine in California mentioned gluing small NFC tags (1″ round) to postcards or mailers, which could be done in envelopes or sent EDDM.

What a cool idea.

We can print 1″ stickers to have your graphic or anything you want onto round NFC tags as well no problem, fully programmed for you.

You can do a TON of things with nfc tags — just search “nfc tag uses” or “cool thigns you can do with nfc tags” and be amazed and all the things they can do.

With both Review Cards and NFC Cards, you really have a solid set of tools to make a surprising amount of change in your or someone else’s business. And you probably never even thought much of these before did you!?