Student Courses, Documents, and Tutorials

No "product creator" stereotypes here. Learn from direct peers working in the field and making it happen. I encourage all my successful members and students to share their experiences, insight, and knowledge. Help support AND learn from them. Who knows, maybe you'll be on here soon ... 


Bill Walsh's 7 Years of Postcards Guide

An in-depth easy reading PDF guide from a 7 year (now almost 10 year) local postcard marketer. Bill uses a sales letter to sell most of his 9x12 spaces. 

9x12 Zen Mastery

O.G. Member "Zenyatta" shares his time-tested video course on how to fill 9x12's. This course has helped hundreds get their first 9x12's off the ground over the last 6 or 7 years.

Rob Smith's LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER Pro Postcard Design (Photoshop)

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