6 Secrets Local Marketers Would Kill to Know About Real Estate Marketing.

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Real Estate Marketing Just Got 1000 Times Easier.

Most real estate agents are useless.

They won’t take your advice, they’ll waste your time, and will do nothing but punish your skull while you talk to them. Then again, an industry that licenses anything with a pulse is bound to produce some quacks.

Fortunately, there are some who are worth pursuing. These are the agents who aren’t afraid to spend money, are open to try new things, and are hungry for leads. You just have to sift through a lot of crap to find the corn.

And I’m here to make it all easy for you today. Even if you currently suck at anything real estate. Or marketing. Oh, and you won’t have to buy anything. This one’s on me.

Let’s get to the meat …

Ready To Learn Some Gripping Real Estate Marketing Secrets?

“Shhh… Don’t tell anyone we learned all these secrets from Bob’s blog!!”

I’m not actually a genius when it comes to real estate marketing. I’ll give that credit to my brilliant friend Zach Hammer, who deserves almost all the credit for what you’re going to learn shortly.

Zach and I have sold hundreds of thousands in dollars real estate marketing over the past couple years and he shared many of his incredible secrets on my podcast recently.

Secret #1
Freeload Like a Champ With This Magical Money Catcher

This sneaky trick is truly one for the record books.

Kudos to Zach for mentioning it on my podcast because it probably should have been the key piece of info inside a $25,000 private mastermind meeting. Not on a fucking public blog or podcast.

Oh well, we done messed up.

Here we go …

Believe It or Not, There are Certain People Who Want to Sell Your Stuff for FREE

This is going to sound borderline insane, but just listen.

Imagine there were dedicated sales reps all over the country who would:

  • Become wildly excited about your services
  • Spend all day prospecting and pitching real estate agents for you
  • Go to extreme lengths to merely SUGGEST your services, like wooing agents with pizza donuts, taking them to lunch, and even putting on workshops and events centered around YOUR services.

And (happily) do it all for free. 

Sounds like a fantasy right?

“These Creatures Actually Exist”

They’re called Title Reps. 

They may go by things like “account executive”, “business development specialist”, or whatever moniker their company whips up, but collectively they’re known as title reps.

Technically, their job is to convince real estate agents to give them referrals for Title and Escrow Services.

But because they sell a commodity, they can’t really stand out.

So instead …

They Masquerade as Harbingers of Marketing Secrets

In recent years, title reps have learned they can’t just schmooze up to real estate agents and become instant referral buddies.

Showing up with donuts and pizza doesn’t even work as well (although it doesn’t hurt — so they still do it).

But today they have to provide value. So in recent years they’ve transformed themselves into marketing gurus, willing to share the latest and greatest techniques in the real estate marketing niche to any realtor who will listen.

In fact, many of them do actually become fantastic sources of marketing knowledge. And real estate agents often do  rely on them to tell them what’s working and what’s not.

So for you, the marketer, if you’ve got something that’s powerful, interesting, unique, and impressive, these title reps will light up like the fourth of July when they find out, because they’ll have an edge of information to share over their competitors.

Actual Photo of a Title Rep Who Just Learned About Your Marketing Services

Just One Rep Could Spoonfeed You More Biz Than You Could Handle

Remember, these title reps aren’t in business to sell marketing. They simply give it for free and point agents to the sources that they have (in which case could be YOU).

They really only want to get referrals for their Title & Escrow services.

Like real estate agents, some of these guys and gals are pretty useless, but some have enough clout to snap their fingers and have real estate agents knocking down your door looking to buy.

Imagine you being their secret weapon.

Point blank, if you’ve got something better and more interesting than your run-of-the-mill real estate marketing cohorts, these reps WILL sell for you.

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Here’s How You Can Weasel Your Way in …

First of all, title reps are virtually NEVER prospected, so they’re wide open for you to communicate with.

And even the dumb ones are hungry as wolves when it comes to searching for new marketing products and services. They just want cool stuff to share to agents so they can build a relationship.

Zach and I suggest searching through linkedin for jobs of account executive, filtered by the real estate industry. I’ve also had great luck just searching for “title rep” “title company rep” or even go for the managers like “business development” and such.

Zach has a truly brilliant method for getting them listening intently to you:

Look for ones in the area you want to target and find any that are 2nd or 3rd connections on linkedin. Chances are you’ll find a few of them.

Give them a call and tell them you saw that they were connected to so-and-so with you on linkedin and wanted to run something by for their opinion.

The rest takes care of itself.


Secret #2
Find Hungry Real Estate Agents With This Sneaky Zillow Hack

This one is gold, and another technique I learned from Zach Hammer. Zach should be on a marketing hall of fame wall plastered somewhere.

Want to find real estate agents that are doing lots of deals, spending lots of money, and have an insatiable appetite for leads?

Easy. Here’s how …

Go on zillow.com and type in the area you want to target:

You’ll see a map come up with lots of properties listed. Click some of them:

Notice that zillow displays the listing agent at the top, but more importantly, agents PAYING to be premier agents so their name’s to show underneath!

Remember, you only want to deal with real estate agents who are either selling lots of deals or doing lots of advertising. This is your super-shortcut to finding those agents within a few clicks.

Want to know an even cooler, sneakier, way to using zillow for building relationships?

Let’s move to the next secret …

Secret #3
Use Facebook And Zillow in this Ludicrous Combination

Zach uses this brilliant Facebook strategy, adapted to use for real estate marketing that he learned from Dr. Ben Adkins.

First, create a simple Facebook page about local events in your area.

Don’t spend too much time on it, just create a community page that will post local events in your target area. Throw some $$ into fiverr and get some likes. 500 to 1000 likes is ideal (to show some audience numbers).

Start sharing local events.

Second, Go to Zillow and Find Open Houses

Head over to Zillow again and search for open houses in your area. Only check “By Agent” and “Open Houses Only”:

You’ll see the map show red dots where every open house is. Click a dot and you’ll find the agent running the open house:

Then comes the sneaky part:

Third, Contact the Open House Agent and Ask if She Has Any Events Going On Locally

Introduce yourself as the owner of XYZ local facebook event page, and that you’re just wondering if they have any events they’d like to share.

I’m sure you can see where this is going .

They’ll tell you, “oh yes I actually have an open house going on right now!”.

What a co-incidence!

Build a Relationship or Even Start Selling Right Away

A week later, hit them up and ask if they’ve ever tried X service. Now you have a relationship.

Secret #4
Sell Open House Boards

Open house boards are really cool and are a perfect “sparking” service you can offer to new prospects (or have title reps offer).

They’re a product you’ll look like a genius for sharing. 

And if you’ve contacted an agent using the Openhouse FB Event strategy from secret #3, this is a perfectly smooth transition to pitch a product without looking like a dirtball.

Open Houses Aren’t For Selling the Property

You may not know (I didn’t either until recently), but open houses are actually NOT actually held for the purpose of selling the house. They’re to generate buyer leads. People come visit the house and the listing agent tries to capture their information so they can hopefully build a relationship.

You can give them a huge edge by offering open house boards, which 99% of agents will never have thought of.

What is an Open House Board?

It’s a 2′ wide by 3′ tall rigid board that sits on an easel like a painting. The agent puts them in the house for viewers to check out.

Usually you’ll sell around five of them or so. They look like this:

Want a non-watermarked copy to use for prospecting?
Click here to download it instantly and use it all you want.

What’s On These Boards?

Each board shows different home features within different price ranges.

The boards are split into quadrants for different features like:

  1. Lowest Priced
  2. Single Story
  3. Lot Size
  4. Have Pool
  5. Lowest Cost per Square Foot

Or any other features applicable to the area.

(these listings are VERY easy for the agents to pull up and print out via the MLS).

The agent just tapes, staples, glues, etc. the listings and the viewers can go through and instantly see what’s interesting to them.

What Makes it Beyond Brilliant

Again, the reason agents hold open houses is to capture the viewers as leads, not to sell the house. They typically try to get viewers to “sign in” where they can capture their info but the problem is most viewers just put wrong info or don’t sign in at all.

With open house boards on display, not only can the agent come up and strike a conversation with someone looking at them, but they can actually see what board and quadrant they’re interested in!

i.e. maybe someone is spending a lot of time looking at the board for homes at $250,000+ and at the quadrant for ones with pools.

This is tremendously useful knowledge for an agent that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Get This … It’s also a LEAD CAPTURE

When someone’s looking through the listings on the boards, they’ll often ask the agent if it’s OK to take the listings home with them to browse. Since that’s the only copy, the agent has to politely decline, but they can simply offer to shoot them an email with the listings digitally!

Now they’ve captured an incredibly informative lead rather than just a random signature on a sign-in sheet.

How to Fulfill

Open house boards are super easy to fulfill. First, you should definitely download my un-watermarked image of them so you can use for prospecting. When you have someone on the hook, simply order them as rigid boards (I use 1/8″ sintra board) from the printer of your choice. Obviously I’d love to provide them blind shipped through my site printing4supercheap.com as well.

My email is itsbobross[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions or need help.

5. Sell Print Collateral

Print is a really undersold marketing service. Realtors love printed material. You can make a bunch of money from it but more importantly, use it to get a foot in the door for your other services.

If you don’t know, I own an online printing company, printing4supercheap.com. I dropship printing for marketers under their names all the time and you won’t find a cheaper published price for the same specs. I guarantee it.

Popular Real Estate Agent Print Needs

  • business cards
  • flyers
  • letterhead
  • envelopes
  • presentation folders
  • postcards
  • magnets

The best part is you don’t have to touch an ounce of fulfillment, even though it looks like it comes from you.

You can outsource the design work to someone on fiverr or use a trusted designer that I recommend (email me anytime).

Use These Awesome Pre-made Templates

One of the best resources for shortcutting design is graphicriver.

You can find dozens, sometimes even hundreds of pre-made real estate templates for almost any printed item. Just check out this flyer template package for example:


Direct Mail

I sell a TON of direct mail to real estate agents and it’s made me (and them) probably close to $250,000 or more in profit over the last couple years. The good news is you can sell direct mail campaigns as well because you can simply broker the printing & mailing.

I find that “Just Sold” campaigns, on 6×11 glossy postcards work the best and most real estate agents are interested in doing them when approached about it. Newsletters work too.

You can even find lots of pre-made templates for postcards at graphicriver as well.


6. Giveaway Single-Listing Websites

This is a brand-new way to catch the interest of agents and it’s pure genius.

Sometimes listing agents want to feature a property on its own website, which makes it look more attractive and can get more exposure than normal.

But the problem is ALL of the single-listing site builders are absolute garbage and look like they’re from 1999. Until now, because with this newly developed wordpress theme, you can create beautiful single listing sites in minutes.

You can even check a live preview of it out here.

This theme is available as part of this product and allows you to install as many of them as you want — even giving them away FREE if you wish. This is a great sparking service to get your foot in the door with agents as well as for title reps if you want them selling your services for you.

Check Out This PERFECT tool to Create Single-listing Websites that you can sell or give away for FREE



Boy that was a lot of fun. I hope you’ll save or store this article for whenever you need to land more real estate agents, because it’s just about impossible to land them any other way these day

Again, tremendous credit due to Zach Hammer, of Real Estate Growth Hackers, email [email protected]

I’d appreciate if you share and comment, and give me your thoughts.

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