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I could fill this course with all the pre-sell hype you can imagine and it still wouldn't do it justice... it's that good.

This may in fact, be one of the most important discoveries of your marketing career.

One of those times where thirty years from now you'll say "Way back in '15 I read something from Bob Ross and it changed my life".

If you've got any desire to bring astoundingly high response to your most valued clients, then this very brief course will unlock the key to doing what very few marketers can achieve.

How DO you generate high response anyways?

Ask ten marketers how to go about generating high response from their direct marketing efforts and only a few will likely have the right answers. We all want to bring in great response for our clients, but for many... especially marketers who are new to direct response... find that it's fairly difficult to acheive. Most marketers will immediately think "a great offer" is the key to response and that the "offer" is the end all be all of direct response marketing; as if everything in the world can be solved by simply including a 50% off coupon.

What's More Important thanĀ  Great Offer?

Every top copywriter knows that the copy itself (including the special offer) is secondary to two other more important elements: the audience (the list) and the company & its product/service being offered. The greatest copy and special offer in the world won't do much good for something that isn't for a product or service that's going to the right list.

Don't Forget About the Business Itself

The best scenario would be a targeted audience of people who are highly likely to like the businesses that's advertising, like the special offer, and like the way it's delivered to them. Notice I said " to like the business that's advertising" Again, the greatest copy and special offer in the world isn't going to make up for the fact that the business itself might not be well known or well liked. Maybe you've got a mechanic willing to give out oil changes for $10, so you put him on your 9x12 card and expect him to be flooded with business. Then you find out he got dismal response. Well... ever thought maybe they didn't trust the place? Maybe he has a bad reputation. Maybe he has no reputation. But most likely, you just didn't target the right audience.

But They All Drive Cars, Isn't that the Right Audience?

You might think... "they all drive cars" how much better can the audience be?

Well, it can be a lot better.

Maybe the people who tend to frequent that particular business are seniors... for whatever reason. Maybe they're seniors who make over $30,000/year and rent.

I guarantee that if you took five different mechanics and analyzed their customers, you'd find different 'types' of people visiting each one.

The key to generating truly astounding response is to figure out their WHO.

Once you can find who is most likely to respond, you'll be able to mail right to them and drive in business without even having to hope for 'killer' offers to motivate them.

It's no surprise that A-List copywriters tend to only work with businesses who have already figured out this perfect audience.

The Problem ALL Direct Marketers Face is Finding Who They Are!

While 'O.K.' response and in some cases, good or great response, can be acheived with some rudimentary targeting (like income, age, certain neighborhoods, etc.), you'll never be able to generate ASTOUNDING response until you discover that perfect audience.

It's only when you discover who that perfect audience is, that you can achieve superhuman response that all direct response marketers lust after. But how the heck do you even find that perfect audience?

What Exactly is A "Perfect Audience" Anyways?

If you've read some of Dan Kennedy's books, you've probably heard some of the stories he has on how he discovered the perfect audience in some cases where he was able to generate insanely-high response.

While it's been forever since I've read his books, I think one story was how he spent the day in one of his clients parking lots and found that a majority of the customers drove white Lexus's (or something to that effect). So he got a list of people who owned white Lexus's, mailed to them, and the response was incredible.

Another case study was a Russian mail-order bride service, where he found that many of the male customers were truck drivers who responded to an ad in a trucker magazine... so he rented a list of people who subscribed to the magazine and got insanely high response (I'm probably off on a few details of this but you get the point).

The Key is To Discover What the Commonalities Are So You Can Market to More People With the Same

To perform miracles of marketing... you have to discover what these common qualities are within their existing, best customers, beyond age, income, and sex. The problem is that discovering this information isn't easy.

But how the heck are you going to find out whether your clients customers are bird-lovers who drive light duty pickups, have three kids at home, read coin-collecting magazines, have college degrees, and like their toes tickled?

Because that's the kind of list you need to generate outrageously high response... otherwise, you'll have to settle for "decent to good" or sometimes "great" response.

In Reality, It's Always Been More Work Than You Want To Do

In a perfect world, we'd be able to find deeply analyzed information in a snap and we'd be able to market to them directly.

You'd probably become rich if that were true.

But if you have to resort to sitting in a parking lot for twelve hours trying to find those 'hidden commonalities', I don't know if it's worth pursuing the reward of stellar response.

Instead... I'd like to show you how to perform some marketing sorcery that will make you simply laugh at those who go to such extremes to find the perfect audience.

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