Episode 14: Scott M. Fires off five cards and is now tackling four at once.

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I’ve been pestering Scott for months to guest on my show and share his tips and tricks with us but he’s been understandably busy; he’s a full time high school teacher with seven kids at home

… and twins due any day!

So how does someone with that much on their plate manage to get a 9×12 out, let alone FIVE in rapid fire succession? I guess you’ll have to listen and find out.

P.S. I’ve split this audio into two parts so that you’re not overwhelmed with one long episode; let me know if that’s how I should continue formatting them .


3:30: After lurking the 9×12 system for many months, a ‘clipper’ (shared mailer magazine) representative sold him on finally taking action. After he learned how expensive advertising was in the clipper, he knew that offering something so much more affordable would be a viable business plan. No background in sales, started in August and finished selling spaces in September.

5:23: Almost half were sold by leveraging existing contacts, the rest by referrals and regular prospecting.  He goes into detail about how he compiled his initial start-up list.

6:30: Explains how he pitched without selling, mostly because he had no sales experience at all. By using a ‘feedback’ approach, he sidelined the normal pitching process. This resulted in contacts he knew actually doing some of the selling themselves for him.

8:25: Using facebook and even craigslist to get leads. A web ‘tool’ that alerts him when businesses post ads in certain categories helped generate valuable leads. Scott also mentions the use of the Bob Ross Lead Generation Service, over multiple campaigns, all resulting in sales and a positive ROI.

14:48: More information on his ‘non selling’ process of selling, where it’s more about sharing information and not pitching. He developed this so he wouldn’t get negative or discouraged due to his lack of sales capacity.

16:15: Preparing for FOUR cards released in March at nearly the same time.

Make sure to listen to PART TWO of the interview here, and feel free to let Scott know in the comments below and/or in the Facebook discussion group that you’re glad he shared his insight with us.



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  1. I think he is right about bartering. I got some people to think harder when I mentioned I was willing to barter…example, fitness center, landscaping, painting, carpet cleaning…all stuff I can use…I will barter 50/50.

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