Episode 14: Part Two, Scott M. Bartering, Pricing, and all sorts of Gold Nuggets.

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Note: Part ONE of the interview is located here.

In part two of this fantastic interview with Scott M., he starts off talking about the four upcoming cards where he has to sell a total of 64 ads. As daunting as that may seem, he’s already got 15-20 of them reserved and barely had to do a thing to secure them.

1:23: One advertiser on his first card, who ran two ads on the same card for his pool company (in October!?) amazingly received over 200 coupons back on one ad and forty on the other… again for a pool company in the late season — in the northeast!

Not surprisingly, this advertiser told him to sign him up for the entire 2015 run of campaigns on every card in every area.

And Scott says that’s just one of a few.

2:45: How he makes time available even while working full-time and having seven children at home… and what you need to do to make time. Also how he deals with deadlines and what he did when he didn’t meet his first one.

3:45: More information on how he avoids pitching or coming across like a stereotypical salesperson.

5:10: Bartering. How Scott managed to sell multiple spaces for enough to cover the cost but also receive services in exchange. Over $2,000 in lawncare services, kids karate lessons, contracting services, and even custom woodworking!

10:10: Not making a big deal if it’s not a good fit for the advertiser.

11:25: The importance of having a casual attitude about the whole concept and how important belief and faith is to getting through the first leaps of business.

13:10: Handling ‘competition’ (scott has numerous magazine-style coupon publications in his area).

22:05: Recap of everything and advice on pricing. Learn Scott’s simple pricing system for both 5k’s and 10k’s.

Feel free to let Scott know in the comments below and/or in the Facebook discussion group that you’re glad he shared his insight with us, remember to always keep paying it forward!

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