18 Space 9×12 Layouts

18 Spaces (10,000 Mailed)

This is just about the max amount of spaces you can fit on a 9″ x 12″ (or 8.5×11) piece without being too crammed. It’s definitely pushing the limits of spaces though before you start becoming a “valpak” of sorts. 18 space layouts are best kept similar size for one flat price, or at most two sizes with two prices.

My favorite 18 space layout is this below:

9″ x 12″
10,000 quantity
UV gloss coated, bundled 100’s
1-2 day printing, 1-3 day shipping

Printing Cost: $1250
Design Cost: $475
Postage: $1,760
Total cost` ……………….. $3,485

Small: $345

Average Ad Price: $389
Total Revenue … $7010
Profit: $3,525
Margin: 50%

The next 18 space layout is a 3×3 or “tic-tac-toe” style where ads are all evenly sized (except for the the one smaller one on the addressed side in order to make up for the EDDM indicia. I didn’t really believe in the effectiveness of this layout compared to the design above, but Matthew S. has done hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these over the years so I felt it was worth sharing.

You need to sell each space at $389 to make 50% margin on a 10k quantity.

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