Episode 11: Matthew S, goes from living in a minivan to filling around 100 9×12 cards

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Long time member Matthew S. has released somewhere around 100 cards and works about one week or less per month.

Pre-recession, Matt was making well over six figures per year working a few hours a month flipping land,  but found himself living off savings after the market crashed and became completely homeless in 2011 when his savings ran dry.

After losing his own home, he found himself living in his minivan with his wife, child, and dog; and moving back into his parents home.

In 2012 he came across the 9×12 system on the warrior forum, jumped on it,  and had to prospect by phone since he didn’t have gas money to get to town and prospect. After two brutal weeks of calling, he managed to sell an 8 space card at $800 each, all over the phone!

After making money on the first card, he was able to go into town and filled 5 cards before even printing his second.

Listen to this interview and learn:

  • How he narrows his prospecting down to one full day passing out cards and prospecting, then following up with phone calls the next day, then one whole day of prospecting. His monthly prospecting time is  7-10 days per month total.
  • How the 9×12 has given him the time to be with his kids
  • His 5 area rotation system
  • How he beats the coupon book/magazine competition
  • How he sold a card in 3 days
  • How he sold another card in 1 day
  • How he used a free iphone feature to transform his business completely.  (You’ll LOVE this and it makes me wish I had an iphone SO bad for this reason alone)
  • How he uses email to fill his cards during a certain period per month
  • What he’d do if he had to start cards in a brand new area
  • The crazy things he’s bartered and traded space for and why it’s an important part of his strategy
  • How trading for services is better than discounting
  • The simplest scarcity tactic around, works all the time!



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  1. Post

    Matthew just emailed me this:

    “just filled 3 cards in 3 days…2 days of hitting the streets and one day at home on the phone, not even full days…never ever done that before.. im thinking its this time of the year also.. last year i did my 1 day card in oct..
    man, i am just floored.. a bunch of guys doing double cards, and even 3 cards.”

  2. This was such a great interview. I really learned a lot. His follow up tips and the email blast tactic are gold.

    I am also planning to do multiple cards. I am inspired to do less planning and more doing.

    Thanks Bob and Michael.

  3. 2 great takeaways from Matt’s interview : 1) he mentioned that he goes to the more affluent parts of town. NOT because he can make more money off the businesses but to ensure that HIS customers are getting a good response to their ads 2) twice he mentions the #1 effective psychological strategy in ALL aspects of business and personal life : scarcity factor. He mentioned it when he tells the business owner ” just tell me if you NEVER want me to come back to see you ” and when he tells them ” this is the LAST spot available on the card “. Nothing spurs action like potential unavailability !

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