Ep31: Get a Free Design Tool That Will Save Your Butt Over and Over!

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One of the most PITA things when filling 9×12’s or selling postcard-related marketing is not always the process of selling the ads; in fact that might actually be the simple part. It’s managing a dozen or more ad creatives that can be the part that makes you want to bash your skull in with a hammer.

Okay maybe it doesn’t get that extreme but it can be a royal pain. Anyone who’s put together ads knows this, especially when dealing with ten or more businesses at once and trying to make it all work smoothly.

You go into this new business venture focused on how you’re going to prospect, pitch, and close … and then turns out the frustrating part might be just getting something simple like just getting ads created to your client’s satsifaction.

It’s not so much the technical difficulty, because any designer can make good looking ads from scratch, but it’s the communication and between your client, you, and the designer that can really drag things out and cause (unnecessary) headaches.

I’ve Got a Solution

Look, I’m a simpleton, and the last thing I’m going to do is create some buggy software that creates ads for you like you’re probably thinking.

Someday I’ll probably put a library of photoshop templates together that you can buy but I’ve got something that will actually work even better in the meantime:

Right now you’re going to do what I do and use my …


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I’ve used this ‘Homer Simpson’ Simple worksheet tool for years now and it works wonders. I was going to put it into this big grandiose package that I was going to sell someday but screw it, I want you to have it free.

All you simply do is print it out and carry a few copies, then when you sell an ad (or are consulting with a client about creating a postcard), you can get all the right info you need for the design right then and there.

I swear this little sheet will make you look more professional and save unbelievable amounts of time and stress for you, your client, and your designer.

You’ll wonder how you did this stuff without it, trust me. And all it is is a little stinkin’ worksheet.

Simple. Simple. Simple. Simple works!

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