Ep36: How Steve in NYC Sells ads at $695 and Almost Got Himself Whacked in the Process

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First, let me tell you this is an incredibly valuable episode that you’ll get an absolute treasure trove out of in information. It’s well worth listening to the whole nearly-hour interview as it has ZERO fluff or mindless chatter.

Meet Steve

Steve “Smalls” in Queens NY just wrapped up his fourth 9×12 card and was nice enough to get on the phone with me to share his experience.

Steve’s certainly no slouch, he’s sold four cards at an impressive $695 per ad, every ad. 

So this is a guy you definitely want to learn something from. His unique method of selling (that you can easily copy), culminates in a typical response of … “That’s all it is!?

Yet think how some marketers are struggling to sell ads for just a few hundred!

And don’t say “Steve has it easy because he’s in a big city with big money”, because …

Steve definitely does not have it “easy”

Businesses in NYC are solicited for advertising more than anywhere, with marketing competition so high it’d make your head spin. Steve still sells them 9×12’s for nearly $700 apiece.

And the real kicker is that he does it in neighborhoods that others would find impenetrable, like his last card in 99% Italian dominated Howard Beach,Queens, (where John Gotti lived) – yet Steve’s African-American and doesn’t live in the neighborhood.

In fact, when he couldn’t get his card out near the date he told them, they started thinking he scammed them, and resulting in me getting texts from Steve telling me they were calling and threatening him to deliver the goods. It was literally to the point where he was nervous watching any car driving by his house.

So we smoothed it out with them, got the cards out in time, and then the **** really hit the fan … they weren’t seeing any response and they DIDN’T GET THE CARDS THEMSELVES … even though they were on the mailing routes!


You’ll have to listen to the podcast to what happened, like how he became TAZED!

Time Note Summary

55 sec: “I’m in the trenches all the time”

1:00: Started out selling ads on shopping carts about 20 years ago, then sold pizza box booklets he sold ads to.

2:20: Works out of Queens and Brooklyn … talks about the difference in selling in such dense neighborhoods. Dealing with skepticsm and lots of constant hammering from marketers.

3:40: Just finished his 4th 9×12 Card

3:53: Selling spaces in Howard Beach Queens and all hell breaks loose … worried he’s about to get his kneecaps busted!

6:50: How he sells spaces in a predominately Italian neighborhood as an African-American male.  Steve talks at length about how he “disarms” people.

9:58: His ads are $695 each. Then people started getting nervous when the deadline started getting too close and the CARDS DIDN’T GET DELIVERED TO THE OWNERS so they started thinking none of the cards went out! Super panic ensues.

11:15: Steve tells us what happened. He literally was “TAZED”.

12:50: How tension actually can help

17:10: More tips on how to sell in more difficult neighborhoods

17:30: The different ads and businesses he has on his card

20:00: Just wrapped up his 4th card

21:10: How he sells ads at $695 each – and his EXTREMELY convincing method of doing it.

24:00: How he keeps himself motivated to get out and prospect

25:40: How much time he spends prospecting and how he sets appointments. How he never sells them on the first visit.

28:42: The materials he leaves with prospects before he pitches them.

29:25: How he uses a presentation book to sell them and how he doesn’t get any resistance on price. Also how he uses video as well.

39:45: What he does before every pitch

43:00: The top things you should NOT do … (which I bet you never thought of).

45:00: Pitch book material, etc.

50:00: Steves “15 second close” and the upsell that NOBODY EVER SAYS NO TO.