Finally! Unbranded M6 Samples.

Due to the rising popularity of the M6 Shared Postcard System, I've printed a run of these beauties you can use for prospecting. They're printed on beautiful UV gloss cardstock, just like your finished cards will be. 

Put them into the hands of your prospects and watch their eyes light up at the finish & quality.


(Kudos to our long-time member and graphic designer Gregg Poserina for designing these.)

Excuse the watermarking ... you'll get the high resolution unwatermarked files with any sample pack purchase. 

It Even Has an Extra Ad Space

On the non-addressed side, you'll notice the center ad is broken into two spaces. That's so you can add an extra Ad space for reasons like:

  • Offering a lower-priced teaser ad
  • Putting your own ad
  • Placing a prominent "Advertise Here" Snippet
  • Reducing the overall price of each ad
  • Squeezing more money in

So technically this is an "M7" but you can obviously just make it an M6 if you want. 

By having the example of a split ad, you can also show what the size will look like in case you decide to split more ads, making it an M8, M9, etc. 


Option #1: The Carry-around

M6 Postcard Sample Pack 10 Pack

12 Samples, Shipped Priority Mail.

Option #2 The Casual Closer

(Duplicate) M6 Postcard Sample Pack 30 Pack

30 Samples, Shipped Priority Mail

Option #3: The Go-Getter

M6 Postcard Sample Pack 75 Pack

75 Samples, Shipped Priority Mail.

Option #4 The Unstoppable

M6 Postcard Sample Pack 150 Pack

150 Samples, Shipped Priority Mail.

Option #4 The Email Entrepreneur

M6 Digital Sample Pack

Digital files only. Full resolution, unwatermarked, and reduced-file size versions for email. OK to use on your personal websites without credit.

*if you're purchasing any of the physical packages above, this comes included.