Monica and her family

Episode 6: How a mother on bedrest with no drivers license managed to quickly sell a 9×12 using nothing but email and paypal.

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Monica and her family

Monica and family making the 9×12 system a success.

That “go get that sale” attitude? … “I don’t have that.”

Sales? …” is not in my blood!”

Making someone do something? … “no way Jose!”

“I couldn’t even say “where do I send that invoice?”. They’d tell me they were interested and I was so scared to close I’d just tell them to email me if they needed more information.

Highly inspirational member Monica shares her experience of closing her and her husband’s highly profitable brick & mortar business, selling their dream home (and four cars!), moving to another state, and starting over fresh. Sounds crazy but you’ll see why they had to do it and why it made sense.

With a brand new baby born just a few months ago you’d think that alone would be enough stress to put a new business venture on hold but that wasn’t even the tough part. A complicated pregnancy forced her to be on complete bedrest (literally where she wasn’t even allowed to stand up except when going to the bathroom).

But when you’re an active female go-getter who’s been an entrepreneur all her life, you’ve got to find a way to make money in any situation. So she had to find a way to make money without literally leaving the bed.

So how the heck do you sell spaces on a 9×12 from the prone position?

Email and PayPal.

After a long period of ‘lurking’ around the 9×12 forum and feeling intensely motivated by the similar situation Amber Chisolm went through, she picked up the 9×12 Fast Profits System and followed her blueprint step-by-step.

You’d think that by selling over email you’d have to offer the spaces at a low price right?

Not a chance.

On a 5,000 piece mailing she had no problem receiving $350 and $450 per space, which is still a bargain considering the value that the business owners get.

The right attitude combined with a good support system and an amazing drive to succeed makes success inevitable. You’ll walk away from this interview feeling alive, motivated, and inspired.

In her own words… “The money’s right there, just go get it!”. Remember that you’re providing one of the best, if not the best marketing service available for your local businesses, so make sure to understand that value of what you’re providing and don’t sell yourself short.


Interview Summary:

2:47 : After a long time ‘lurking’ about the 9×12, she found a product that convinced her to take action, which made filling a card easy.

3:56  : No car, no problem!

4:37 : Always looking for cheap marketing. Discovered the M3 System but thought… “hey I want to make some money too!”.  But… it wouldn’t work because there was no possible way to get around with no vehicle.  Then discovers Ambers program and says “If she can do it can”.

6:00 : ALL spaces sold through email! Literally was like following a blueprint. And how an additional ‘closing email’ handled the closing since that was not in the skillset whatsoever.

7: 09 : What the ‘closing email’ contains. What tone works best, a must-mention line, and what information to put in it.  It’s literally THAT EASY to close via email. With paypal as payment!

9:00 : What to do with follow-ups via email.  Find out how many emails it takes to get a response.

10:05 : Little pockets of time to do this, can’t do it all day!

11:00 : It’s OK to not even look like a salesperson.

12:28 : Self employed since college, used to be a writer and even had columns in magazines. Not afraid to chat with people, just scared to push them to buy. Did customer service but that has nothing to do with closing.

13:29 : Understanding the business owners psyche and who to target for your spaces. A website most don’t think about, will show you where hot prospects are.

15:40 : How a past business that made LOTS of money just wasn’t worth it in the end. Hiring family members and the problems that come with it.

17:55 : Sold their dream home, four cars, packed up and moved to North Carolina. Had a baby daughter (now 4 months) and filled the card while never leaving the house! Did it 100% through Amber’s 9×12 Fast Profits System, using Email.

19:16 : A CPA offer I’ve never even considered that’s already getting hits for her.

20:00 : Using paypal for all your payments. A helpful ‘tip’ to make your paypal payments look more legit and how to get them to pay over email.

20:45 : Price points. $350 and $450 per spot on a 5,000 piece mailing, and that was with $100 off.

21:48 :  The mindset that helps you get the pricing you want. The approach that solves the problem of worrying about ROI! This is how to avoid one of the BIGGEST mistakes 9×12 newbies make.

25:50 : A new niche card that’s perfect for mom’s to organize!

27:15 : Advice for new 9×12’ers. You’re just as much a business owner as they are.

28:00 : The phone is a waste of time and energy, email works!

29:00 : How long it will take for email prospecting, doing it an hour here an hour there.

30:00 : It’s not about the price. They ALWAYS have money. ALWAYS.







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  1. Wow Bob! I love her energy and her creativity!

    Tell her to put a WSO together. I’d love to pay her for her step-by-step blueprint, her email templates, and also her follow-up process.

    Monica… if you read this… thank you for the amazing inspiration!

    Please contact me, I’d love to connect with you and I’ll be happy to pay you for just a little of your guidance. :-)

    My phone number is: (858) 836-1763
    My email: [email protected]

    Thank you for sharing Monica!

    Bob, thank you for holding these podcasts!


    Jaime Ojeda

  2. Wow … What a great an inspiring story, mindset is everything. I can definitely relate to lurking around as I have been watching this 9 by 12 for at least 2 years.

    Sorry that know I have finally got serious about … the funny thing is Jake you continue to show that you are in the field .. staying focused on one thing.

    I would like to say thanks to you and I appreciate Monica for sharing her story …

    Please keep the podcast up …. Loving every minute of it.

  3. I’d love her email templates , too, if they are available.
    I put this on the backburner a few months ago as i didn’t feel i could do
    it-but with emails? Hmmm…..who designs the cards, though? And cost?
    Question-are we paid upfront? Or is it once the card is filled? Could i hire someone to
    do the emailing for me, full time? And if so could a card be done in a week?
    So if the emailing is done for me, the design is done for me, could i potentially do dozens of these, as it would essentially be hands off for me? or is there a portion of this i am forgetting? thanks

  4. bob, youre the best. sending you positive thoughts and lots of success*

    monica, you have no clue how much you inspired me. thank you, that was phenomenal. i had my jaw on my floor the whole podcast. you just whipped my butt into shape

  5. Great podcast! I really like the fact that she did all of this from email.

    Would you be willing to share the template you used to close over email? That sounds really interesting and helpful. I’m terrible on the phone.

  6. Philly Philly great inspiration Monica nice family pics.. Bob thanks for this podcast this has put the fire under my backside and if somebody in my local area is not doing this now somebody will one day and it might as well be me!!!

    1. Hey Audrey,

      Below the player, there’s a “download” link which allows you to download the mp3 straight to your computer or smartphone.

      Simply download it and play it using your default mp3 player.


      1. Hiyeee! Yeah, I tried to download it but got a ‘corrupt file’ message but Bob took care of it for me and resent me a working file that I could listen to. I’m very happy to have listened to it and am listening to it AGAIN as I type this! This podcast is AWESOME and coupled with Amber’s personal youtube story…I am ready and set to order and GO! This is what I have been waiting for since this first came out! I am very happy and VERY excited and VERY ecstatic all over again about doing this as a business!

        THANK YOU AGAIN, BOB, AMBER & MONICA for all that you have done! This is amaYyyyyziiiiiiiiiiiing!

  7. Monica, thank you for the story & testimonial of how my “No Face-To-Face” system worked for you! I am so glad it worked for you like it did for me. I realized being stranded out in the country with no car and no access to a city that email & my cell phone was the only way I could make it happen–it’s when you get painted into a corner so to speak that you realize your true potential–right?! So proud of your accomplishment–just keep the momentum going. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your success :)

  8. Just proves that any situation can be made to work. Take advantage of every piece of technology at your disposal! It’s there to serve you.

  9. Hi again,

    Any update? And any way to get a hold of Monica’s twist on things for a price anywhere? Lots of us would line up to buy. Thanks!

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