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Elite Training

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 What You’ll Learn

I’ll be showing you some proven 9×12 selling methods that are unconventional, but very useful. While they may stray from the traditional methods (and should be handled with care), they’re great for when you find yourself in a rut.

I believe that arming yourself with as many options for selling spaces as you can handle is a good idea, just try to not to make things too complex. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, just go back to the basics. Simple always works.

Why You Need This

Most 9×12’ers have found themselves in a pinch at some point – for example:

  • You feel like you’re not filling spaces as fast as you should be
  • You have empty spaces but are close to your deadline
  • You feel like you could sell more spaces if you had a few more options to offer
  • You want all the “ammo” you can arm yourself with

These methods will help solve those problems.




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