Reactivation Profits System

Phrases, Words, Explanations, Loaded Questions, and various verbal ammunition.

In a nutshell, reactivation is where a business convinces old dormant customers to come back and spend money with them again. Not a hard concept to understand considering these are people who already decided to buy from them. Despite that, reactivation is one of the weakest parts of local businesses marketing. In fact it's pretty friggin' absent from them. Yet one of the strongest parts of larger corporate marketing. So why don't more local businesses bring old customers out from the woodwork? Simple...

Locals Have No Clue How to Do It!

Both small business owners and professional marketers themselves rarely ever have a clue how to successfully re-activate the goldmine that is the dormant customer. Because there isn't a magical wordpress plugin to accomplish it over the internet, few marketers offer it as a service, and therefore it stays virtually off everyone's radar. Which means you've got a heap of opportunity and you'll bring something 'fresh' to the table for your clients.

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