High Response Marketing Podcast: Episode 2 — How to Use Postcards To Bring in the Biz

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Today’s topic is courtesy of a caller who asks “How do we practice what we preach? How do we use postcard marketing to bring in our own clients?”

That’s a great question, with an equally great answer.

In this episode I give you one of the juiciest direct marketing secrets known to man. I’ll show you how I follow a certain formula for finding hidden opportunities. Once these opportunities are discovered… they often produce incredible results that line your pockets with cash.

You won’t find information like this anywhere else, I promise you that.


  • 3:00 : Caller asks how we can use postcard marketing ourselves to bring in clients. Should we practice what we preach?
  • 5:00 : Ask yourself, are you using the service you’re selling to bring in your own clients? If not, why?
  • 6:45 : Why direct mail is  ‘scarier’ than other media and why business owners fear it
  • 8:20 : I show you four ways to use direct mail to bring in clients
  • 10:29 : The third option is the easiest option to get your phone ringing from postcard marketing and what 90% of 9×12’ers are missing out on two ridiculously easy (and free) techniques.
  • 14:30 : The fourth option is the real killer
  • 16:00 : Just one of these mailings landed me a $671 monthly profit, recurring since september 2013.
  • 17:00 : An industry (and this is just one of them) that you’ll never think is good to target
  • 20:00 : The biggest lead generating offer that I’ve found by far — and you can copy it.
  • 25:30 : Who will pay for your own advertising
  • 26:00 : Who the difficult to find paying partners are… and why they’re the easiest to bring on once you find them.
  • 32:00 : Why you shouldn’t feel bad about making so much money from this, even when they could do it themselves in ten minutes.

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  1. Great info Jake . thanks again! Here’s my question: Around 19:50 you note that a mailing to 5,000 addresses actually reaches around 11,000 people — so when talking to business owners about the distribution of the card, do you recommend that we talk about the number of addresses it is being mailed to OR the number of PEOPLE that will receive the card — obviously, the second number is higher and more impressive and makes it easier to compare our circulation to the circulation numbers used by newspapers and magazines which, I believe, state their circulation in terms of readers, not addresses delivered to …

  2. Here’s some good topics:

    A list of every question, concern, or rejection/objection that the
    other person could possibly come up with.

    A list of everything that could go wrong selling print and EDDM etc

    Please address Bob!

    1. Post

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