Episode 9: Leonard in San Antonio TX shares his magical phrase.

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What a great time you’ll have listening to this, I promise you that.

Leonard, who lives in San Antonio Texas has pulled off two 9×12’s and one 12×15 in one of the most depressed areas of San Antonio, at prices you wouldn’t even believe.

How much money do you think you could charge per space for a 2500 micro mailing? Leonard had no problem getting $300, $500, and even $800 per space.. yet some of you are struggling to get $250 for double the mailing size.

Listen in and find out the simple secrets he’s doing to get these kind of prices. What’s more amazing is that Leonard was scared out of his wits to cold walk in a business, but with some magical phrases and ‘tricks’ his fear all went away.

Leonard shares with us:

  • The powerful opening “command” that he uses to get the gatekeeper to go get the decision maker promptly.
  • The simple way to leverage simple data and add a significantly larger amount of value in your pitch, resulting in those $500 spaces even on tiny micro mailings!
  • What kind of mindset gives him the ability to ask for higher prices
  • How to make your pitch much much easier and less stressful (and not seem so needy)
  • A magical phrase you can say to your prospects that will instantly gain their trust virtually every time
  • How to look at selling as a positive action and not something negative

Even at these prices, he still got a recurring rate of upwards of 30% on each card. He also offered to even give a space away to someone he wanted on the card, and that business owner refused his offer and insisted on paying for it.

Not only was he able to make thousands of dollars and gain dozens of clients, but the process of breaking down his personal limiting barriers has had a direct result on how he lives today.

Listen, learn, enjoy, and spread some love in the comments below!

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  1. Leonard, how did you advertise your insurance business on your card? What type of offer did you put on there? Also, on your niche card idea- how are you thinking of incorporating your insurance business with it?

  2. Leonard seems like a happy guy and I am impressed that he is able to charge so much for his micro mailings.

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