Episode 8: STOP “Employing Yourself” and Start Running a REAL Business.

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Are you doomed to fail even before you got off the ground? Like nearly all small business owners that just start out, you very well may be.  I’d like to give you some tips on how to start running a real business — one that can run itself without you. What good is it when you’re working like a maniac doing every job under the sun just to keep things going? You’re better off with a job than put that kind of strain on yourself.

Don’t make the mistake of simply ’employing yourself’. Listen to this episode and get your sh** together the right way!

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  1. Great podcast Bob.
    I’m working on a 9×12 fundraising system I can market to local non-profits, clubs,
    and groups..

    Got a meeting with a pastor from a local Methodist Church this Tuesday.

  2. Great breakdown summary on developing a business system Bob. Excellent podcast!

    S – Saves
    Y – You
    S – Serious
    T – Time
    E – Energy
    M -Money

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