Episode 7: How Bill in Portland went from one 9×12 card to 3-5 per month easily.

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Bill S. in Portland Oregon had a question for me in an email and mentioned that he had 3-5 cards going out monthly with more on their way.

2:00: Total of five cards, possibility of six… just keeps getting crazier! Filled the first card in 10 days along with a partner.

4:25: Brought on a 3rd person… a saleswoman who was selling clipper and her own magazine, she shuts everything down to go with Bill and John.

5:50:  (2) 5,000 piece in one area, (2) 10,000 piece cards in another,

7:00: How they distinguish themselves apart from the other direct mail competitors (valpak, clipper, and other local coupon magazines).

8:30: How they figured out how to make what they needed plus what they pay their salesperson

9:00: The contract they write with their advertisers and how they avoid calling it a contract, as well as the brilliant wording they use on the agreement.

10:15: How the first card went great but the second was completely different, with hardly anyone recurring.

12:28: Full time focus, but part time hours. This business is something that can be done “’till I’m old and Gray”.

13:45: How many people end up buying? And how this amazing close rate is acheived. This is something that 90% of people won’t do, but it’s the key to success for Bill.

14:50: You won’t believe what it takes to get them to sign up for 3 months, it’s so little!

17:30: Getting advertisers to go on multiple cards at once.

18:07: B2B mailer going to 2500 businesses monthly.

19:00: Back end sales like solo mailings, print/design, etc.

21:30: The completely opposite thing in a cold walk-in than what others probably do. How to ‘stun’ them and make them almost shaking in the process.

24:25: How long the reps are out selling spaces

26:00: Commissions and workload

26:30: Pricing per space and which ones sell fast

27:45: The income goal in the beginning and whether it’s been reached or not

28:10: A local competitor selling a coupon magazine and how they’re affecting his business. “Don’t worry about what they’re doing, make them worry about what you’re doing”.

30:00: Handling someone who’s getting great response currently from Clipper or Valpak.

31:15: You don’t have to be the life of the party to be a good salesperson.

31:45: Advice for new 9×12’ers. Should you buy everything available? The answer might surprise you.

35:00: Small business is still hurting. How follow-up can make deals almost ridiculously easy.

36:00: How to make the system work and not have a problem.

37:45: The “best find on the internet” by far.

38:20: How 9×12 compares to mobile, web, etc…

39:15: going from one card to “15,000 cards sitting in his garage, which is just half of the monthly volume”.


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  1. Thanks for posting this interview. I really enjoyed it and got a lot from it. I need to find how how to subscribe to this. Close to starting my own card, hopefully out this month.

  2. Well done, Bill! Keep crushing it!

    I appreciate your view of your competitors — in that you’re not willing to let them scare you away from the opportunity.

    I also like the fact that you’re “retouching” the owners who were on the fence. That’s a great strategy. Build the relationship, and eventually they will buy.

    Great Podcast, Jake. Thanks for doing it.

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