Episode 5: Dennis Peltier takes the bus and closes deals all day long!

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Today I’ve got Dennis Peltier on the phone, from Boulder Colorado, who just released his first 9×12 campaign.

What’s interesting is that Dennis filled 7 spaces on a card last year but then ran out of time and had to *gasp*  refund them all! You’d think that would stop someone from doing it again, right?

Nope. Dennis re-strategized and tackled it again with a smarter approach, this time selling out his card and already filling 5 spaces for his next card. Even more interesting is that he doesn’t have a car at the moment and did the whole thing prospecting by foot and city bus.

You’ll learn why revisiting businesses can be super profitable and you’ll even find out what the REAL objection could be when a decision maker tells you that he “just spent all his advertising money”.

Give Dennis some props for getting on the horn and sharing his experiences with us, leave him some support in the comments below.

If you’d like to share your experiences with 9×12, print profiteering, M3, or anything direct marketing, let me know!