Episode 4: My Top-Secret Ninja Method to Bypass Even The Most Iron-Fisted Gatekeepers.

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Today you’ll learn one of my most prized and secret methods for getting your service across to an owner.  I’ll share with you a very clever and downright sneaky method that cuts out the gatekeeper entirely. Believe it or not, I do it by using a simple postcard you can print at home.

But the way it’s done is like nothing you’ve ever thought.

Not only will you learn how to do this simple and powerful method, but I even show you a perfect example of a money making lead generating postcard you can put in use right now. This is a proven, powerful strategy that I’ve been using to bring in leads for all sorts of services for years and you can duplicate it immediately.

1:20 : There’s no reason you can’t make a lot of money selling print (direct mail) because it’s easy to pitch and  can work with an unlimited budget.

3:10 : Why professional gatekeeping businesses are exactly who you want to target for landing a big whale, where one deal alone can make a car payment or even a house payment.

4:05 : Are you like most people and don’t want to always get past gatekeepers via cold calling or face-to-face? That’s OK!

4:29 : The most common method to getting past the gatekeeper without calling is to use creative direct mail pieces. While they may work if done frequently and often enough, I personally think they’re often too tacky and too expensive to bother with.

6:15 : How I discovered a cheap, effective, and clever method years ago. I found that it’s better to avoid striving for the chance to cold pitch a decision maker and instead pique their curiousity enough to get them to call YOU back for more info.

8:35 : One creative direct mail method that I’m surpised no one thought of. And this would be IMPOSSIBLE to not be noticed. If getting noticed is what you’re looking for, this one is the king.

9:00 : A virtual copy/paste method of getting business owners of larger local company’s to call you for your services.

11:00 : An example of a great industry to target, which is just one of many. Like other industries with professional gatekeepers, you simply need to get your service across to them, but how do you do it?

12:21 : How to create this amazing lead generating postcard and gear it SPECIFICALLY to their industry. It can be made on your home printer and requires nearly no skill on your part.

13:30 : The headlines I use that are so specifically clear it hits them right in the face. Also, the subhead that will show them it’s a perfect fit and other elements that are needed.

15:45 : How to use one particular stock image that will portray a significant amount of trust and credibility.

16:00 : The secret revealed. This is how I make sure  the message gets to the decision maker without a hitch. Instead of spending a fortune to get a direct mail piece to a decision maker, who’s probably so frazzled and busy they’ll toss it right out …. use this strategy to nail them when they’re off-guard, relaxed, and unprotected by even the most iron fisted gatekeeper.


Call me with any questions that you want answered or topics you want discussed. Leave a voicemail 24/7. Just call 877-925-8117

Want your own postcard template to make money with?

If you’d like your  own template of this lead generating card… all you have to do is leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I’ll send it over to you along with a short report with some more golden nuggets to go along with it.




173 Comments on “Episode 4: My Top-Secret Ninja Method to Bypass Even The Most Iron-Fisted Gatekeepers.”

  1. Wow Bob!

    Awesome training man!

    With so many people nowadays making their white and yellow-pages listings “private”… does this method still work?

    Just curious.

    Jaime Ojeda

    1. Thanks Jaime, you’ll find that most of these guys will still have open addresses and even if they don’t I show you how to find them regardless. Email me for the report included with the template where I explain it.

  2. I really enjoy your podcast Bob I would like a template of your Lead generating card.But I am not sure How to leave a review on Itunes.Your Ideas are quite brilliant,I will definitely be implementing them.

    1. Excellent content as always!

      I don’t use iTunes, or have an iPhone, so I don’t know how to leave a review either, Bob, but would also like a copy of the template.

    2. Roger I’ll definitely send it to you, I know I still need to get you in the forum as well I think so I’ll do that too. Thanks for the kind words and don’t worry if you can’t figure out the iTunes thing, I forgot that not everyone is familiar with it.

  3. Another great podcast, Jake! Really appreciate you sharing simple techniques that you have used and are proven effective. Thanks, again!

  4. No question Bob has hit the mark with this strategy. Getting a prospect to call you is just very difficult these days. Everyone is so busy, and owners are getting so many sales pitches. How can you stand out? Listen to Bob..

  5. Thanks Jake!

    Great podcast and really good information. Will leave review on iTunes.

    You should share your recording equipment for the podcast – sounds great and love the background track and intro.

    Thanks man!

    1. I’ve been getting a lot of request for that so I’ll definitely make a post about it. Probably the next one.

      Glad you like it Vince!

  6. I’ve got at least 2 of your 9×12 courses and confess I’ve not yet gone through them (I will, soon!).

    But, can you explain how we can make the claim that we can mail to their existing list cheaper than anyone else? Is it just by using printers that you share in the courses?

    Also, isn’t it hard to find their home addy? White pages very often have multiple people with the same name and the home city is often not the same as the address city.

    Very intriguing concept. I’m looking forward to understanding it well enough to give it a try.

    1. Hey sooner is better than later so no worries.

      If your source your printing using myself or trade printers or cheap online printers, you’ll certainly be able to get it done cheaper.

      Not difficult to find their address, I show you more about it in the report. If I didn’t email you , email me and I’ll send it to ya.

  7. Thanks for a very interesting info.
    Good suggestion and I will definitely try it.
    Can you send the template over, it will be greatly appreciated
    Leonard V

  8. I can’t believe how great the info in this podcast is. I have spent thousands of dollars on training programs that are less insightful.

    Thanks for taking the time and sharing this great knowledge with the world!

  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Bear with me for a moment while I put together a short report to go along with the template. I’ll be sending it out within the next few hours.

  10. Hi Jake,

    This is one of the best podcasts that I’ve listened to in a long time. Thanks for sharing so much great content.

  11. Hey Jake,

    Thanks for sending me this podcast. Timing couldn’t be better I am ice/snowed in and just got my power back on to find this cool method from you.

    I am getting my old [email protected]# off the fence now to move forward with your system. Thanks and let me know how your roofing disaster postcards are working out.


    p.s. please send me one of your templates for this….

    1. Hah, get to it! Don’t wait any longer we’re not getting any younger right? Send me an email and I’ll send you it right away.

      Ill let you know more about the disaster cards over the next two months as the season is just about to start.

  12. Bob,
    Thanks for the great content. Not sure it will work in the UK, not so easy to get home addresses of biz owners. I will give it a go though.

    Can you send the template over, it will be greatly received.

  13. Excellent insights Jake as usual! Very personal approach, I like it. Gotta ask, what equipment do you use for your Podcasts? The intro is killer, the sound etc… sweet!
    I would like to run my own local show and any tips would be very well appreciated!

    Cheers, Dino

    1. In my next post I’ll list the equipment I use and suggestions and what not. I’ve done a lot of research into it and can make the process pretty easy for you to start yourself, it’s a lot of fun!

  14. I love the out-of-the-box, stealth methods for getting your message to the intended recipient. This is such a simple, low stress way of accomplishing that. This is a great, actionable method for selling print services. Thanks!

  15. Jake, you keep hitting them out of the ball park! I know of no other marketer/mentor type person who really, really cares for the people who look to them for guidance and money making advice. Good job bud!

    1. I think that’s probably the key difference, I really do actually care and believe that the amount you give is relevant to the amount returned. Thank you.

  16. Wow! These podcast episodes get better and better as they go! I was thrilled to see this topic, and even more thrilled to listen to it. This episode is another home run!!

    The High Response Marketing podcast now has the coveted top left position on my iphone, which means that it’s the most important, high priority podcast I listen to.

  17. Great content, Jake! I agree with Keith that I’m not clear on what method of fulfillment you’re referring to. I have your 9×12 and M3 systems but they don’t appear to be a fit for mailing to their *existing* customers only. As soon as I hear an answer to that, I’m definitely taking action on this one. And looking forward to more great content from you.

    1. I can provide the fulfillment easily but I also show you how to if you don’t use my own services. It’s in the report I’ve included with the template. You can mail easily to any targeted list or to an existing list (which is a targeted list anyways).

  18. Jake,

    This is another INCREDIBLY AWESOME method to generate new, sustainable business. I am going to start doing this today to generate more new business. I truly appreciate how you share these actionable strategies that just work.

    Would you please help a brother out and send the template?


    1. I will help you out anytime brother, send me an email and I’ll send it to you right away!

      Thanks for enjoying it my man.

  19. Thanks Jake!!!

    Yet again another fantastic system to broaden our business horizons.

    I’m looking forward to jumpin in an even larger money pool. Can’t wait for the huge splash this will make.

    Taking Action NOW!!


    1. Someday I’ll hop on the SMS train for a bit, haha. Thanks for appreciating it Zen, I’m sure you’ll have some more cash in your pocket from it soon.

  20. Dan Kennedy recently ran a webinar and he says if he could only choose ONE method to generate new biz–it would be direct mail.

  21. You are the MAN Jake!

    Thanks for being a “Go-Giver”. You give amazing value to your fans and we really appreciate it. You make us feel like we can do this and make money. This ninja tip is one of the best strategies I have ever heard of. Have a great profitable week my friend!

    1. Sometimes you gotta pay it forward and give all you’ve got. I’m here to help anyway I can because it benefits me (and us) in the long run.

      A profitable week to you as well! I’m already in the black and it’s Monday.

  22. Great info on this episode and past ones as well. I’ve been following the programs and must say other marketing podcasts do not compare. Thanks Jake.


    p.s. if you can still send the template that would be awesome.

    1. That’s why it’s the best damn marketing podcast on the planet! I haven’t even listened to another one and I’m sure I can deliver better content.

      I’ll send it to you, just email me at itsbobross[at]gmail[dot]com

  23. Jake always has great, cutting edge material. I know because I’ve successfully filled several of his 9×12 postcards.

    I’m interested in trying this method.

    How do I get people’s home addresses?
    Please give an example of prices to quote for this service of mailing to their existing customer database?
    Lastly, I would love to see your template.

    Thanks Jake!

    1. Check out the report and let me know how you like it. You’re the best Caroline, it’s always nice to hear from you.

  24. Very good stuff here!

    And I’m a “lumpy mail” addict… though I save the big bucks for “hotter” leads much further down the pipeline, and not for cold prospecting.

    So this really grabbed my interest; I’m definitely going to try this in my early prospecting funnel steps! Great suggestion to time it with phone calls.

    Say…. while you’re in product creation mode ;-) ;-)

    I would LOVE to see how you build and use an effective pitch book! I sell to contractors myself – and am one too – and I’d like to see how you might use it with homeowners as well. Just dropping ya a big fat hint there, lol…

    Thanks, keep up the great work!


    1. Nothing wrong with lumpy mail but you’re right, it should be used for when you need to bring in the big guns on a hot target. I just sent you the template and guide. I’d love to make a product on pitch book creation for contractors, it’s very easy to sell and can bring you big money both selling it and using it! I’ve got some secrets that would make your head spin for pitch books.

      Template sent!

  25. Thanks Jake! i learned more goodies from your podcast than i spent thousands on other products! unbelievable! i also would like to know how you fullfill the service of sending direct mails to their customers.
    thanks again for sharing this great info!

  26. Thanks Jake,

    Really great information and very useable! What becomes clear is that there really isn’t any limit to what types of products you can create by print and how to use them, either as products in their own right or marketing tools. This is what makes print so versatile. You are only limited by your imagination.

    Apart from the great method of approaching the decision maker about our mailing services I would like to know more about your pitch books Jake. Sounds like another great product we could promote. Maybe that’s what your up and coming WSO is about;-)

    PS: Would love to see the template postcard well – Thanks.


    1. You’re exactly right, and sometimes you think you know it all and then discover something that makes you understand you haven’t even touched the surface of print possibilities.

      I’ve tossed around the idea of a pitch book WSO for a while, it’s definitely something I’d like to do soon, maybe in April. It’s an easy sell and very profitable.

      Template sent!

  27. Hi Bob,

    Loved this podcast. I would love to get your template and also the method you use to send out direct mail to their customers. Are you talking about regular postcard mailings? I ordered your 9 x 12 system a while back and haven’t implemented yet but am going to soon!


  28. Jake,
    Great stuff, super creative! Please send the template, I can’t wait to see how effectively I can use this technique.

    1. Hey sorry I didn’t get back to your email you sent, you know I struggle with it brother, I’ll get there! YOU however need to get on your horse. Template and report is now sent to you my man.

  29. I followed Jake’s advice and sold over 60 businesses on mailing services in under 6 months. I’ll definitely be adding this technique to my arsenal as soon as possible. Thanks Jake.

    Tom G.

    1. Awesome achievement Tom… that’s a goal I would like to strive for myself!

      Thanks for sharing!

  30. Awesome direct mail marketing sauce! Send me the over the final ingredient please… your postcard template.


  31. I can listen to you speak all day. It’s never enough!

    I just found a 2 hour talk you had with Mark Helton. About to listen to it right now….

  32. Jake – Awesome podcasts so far – the stuff you’re sharing is gold man! Been really enjoying your insights.

    Thanks in advance for sending the template and report too. :)

  33. That was some eye opening information…So simple but so effective.
    I am now going to put it into action. I also had a chance to look over the leads tool that you recommended all I can say is Awesome.

  34. Bob,
    Great podcast and just the info that I was looking for with regards to pitching medical offices.
    Thank you very much for sharing your NINJA secrets with us mortal.
    Please do send me the template and your guide, pretty please.
    And you have a listener for life.

  35. Hey Jake, loved the podcast #4 !!!!. Another great tool you’ve come up with. Please send template and report. Thanks, Max

  36. “Hey Jake, loved the podcast #4 !!!!. Another great tool you’ve come up with. Please send template and report.”

    Yep, what he said. The headline and getting it to the owner’s home (if possible) are great ideas. In one mailing a few years ago, I had put screenshot of each prospect’s website on one side. Took a long time but sure got their attention!

    I’d love to get your template and report of course :)


  37. Well, I have to admit I was about to take a poop on using postcards for this type of prospect. You do give me reason to pause. Good stuff!

  38. WOW!!! Thanks Again … Short But Simple … this is definitely the information that I am looking for … Thinking Out Of The box …

    Would love to get my hands on the template …

  39. Hey there Bob,
    This was a great and informative piece!
    1) Love how professional the podcast is & also how the download of it looks with the slick graphics, and especially the intro music, branding and sound effects! Would like more info on putting this together for my own consulting info.

    2) Sending the postcard direct to the owner’s home is a great way to break through the noise. Do you specifically always look on WhitePages.com for their info or other sites as well? Don’t alot of these “people lookups” usually require a fee to confirm?

    Thanks again for the podcast and looking forward to your input.
    Please also confirm the template and info big boy!

    Many Blessings,

  40. Jake……Got to hand it to you. Your ideas, design, format and execution of pod casts are brilliant. You my friend have wisdom well beyond your years. I am 61 yrs.old and been selling for many years. You have given me new life , new blood, and new activity for my own business.

    One of the most challenging things about being in business for yourself is sometimes we feel just left out there all alone.
    Your pod casts have truly changed that for me. What a great feeling to know I can now share selling principals, ideas, and techniques with others about our chosen profession….the selling game!

    Thanks for your help, vision, and dedication.

    1. Tony thanks a lot I appreciate the kind words. Like having kids, there’s no manual given and sometimes no one we can rely on for support and companionship when needed. Thank God for the internet, allowing us to be close and connected in ways like this.

  41. I’m going to have to look at the email methods that have been mentioned. I get sooo frustrated when a business owner says something ridiculous. I think, sometimes, they look at us as game pieces in a game they can play. The 9×12 method is very explainable and with samples, can leave no doubt in the merchants mind, exactly what it is we are offering.

  42. I have always wondered if direct mail was effective. Seems with all the tech noise, retro may be the way to go. I f your post card template is a good as your tease it should be very good.I really want to see this template please.

  43. I only recently discovered your 9×12 method and these great podcasts. Better late than never.

    I launched my first business using direct mail postcards. I had forgotten about the old school methods which are tried and true.

    Would love a copy of the report.

    Thanks for being so generous with your time, knowledge and experience.

  44. Evening Bob,

    Hey thanks so much for the email with the postcard template and the pdf. Loved it!
    The only question I have is for the bullet point # 4: “Use my ‘Niche’ targeted mailing list to take customers aware from the competitors and over to you instead!”

    If we haven’t done mailings before and are new to each ‘big whale’ niche how are you getting these targeted lists? Buying a current jewelry, pet owners, etc lists from an online database company?

    Appreciate your help and insight amigo!


  45. Awesome Podcast, Bob

    Some really amazing info.

    Would love a copy of your report and template.


  46. hey great stuff. I need a postcard template emailed to me. I failed at first on getting my card. Now I am in a new area and more motivated than ever before! I will succeed!

  47. GREAT podcast and you’ve got my curiosity very piqued.

    Would you please send me the template and report?

    Thank you!


  48. Great information on this podcast. I subscribed to podcast after listening. I would like your template of this lead generating card. Keep up the great work!

    Thank you


  49. Just got around to listening to this, great ideas here! Can’t wait for the template and report. Thanks for sharing!

  50. Jake,

    As usual, excellent insight and great tips. Thank you for sharing and for all that you have provided. I look forward to learning more from the short report and the template you will provide. Many, many thanks in advance! Keep up the good work Jake. You are the best! :)


  51. Man, these could easily be bottled up and launched for $97+ and sell like hotcakes, but you’re giving them away! Thanks for emphasizing value so much in what you do – it’s dearly appreciated!


  52. Hey Jake,

    Another great podcast! You have an incredible knack for thinking outside the box! As always, looking forward to the next one!

    Would love to have a copy of your report and template.


  53. Ok, some times I feel dumb…I could not get the playback to work. It either did nothing when spawned in a new window or came back as corupt file when I tried to download it. Can you hook me up. Am just beginning with my local business and I would certainly feel greatly appreciative for a method to the decision maker. Gotta help in any business model

    ty inadvance Keith

  54. Hi Bob,

    Awesome podcast – cool strategy!

    I’ll be definitely sharing the link with a few of my colleagues.

    Thanks for sharing the template & pdf – looking forward to it.

    Cheers :)

  55. Great tactic, Bob. It’s one of those things that seems blindingly obvious once somebody has explained it to you, and it’s clear that it can be very effective with a little effort.

    I would definitely like to get a copy of the postcard template. Thanks for the offer.

  56. Great podcast. I love the idea of bypassing the gate keeper by mailing to the home address. Would love to get a copy of your template to test against a 3-step letter campaign I’m developing.

    Also want to talk with you about some high-volume print projects for direct mail.

    Thanks Bob!



  57. Hi Jake,

    Awesome podcast. You never fail to deliver and always go the extra mile. I really appreciate everything you do. I don’t have iTunes but would love a copy please.

  58. Bob,

    This postcard whale bait idea is pure dynamite. Back a thousand years ago, when I first studied direct mail techniques, someone came up with a similar idea on how to reach doctors, who, like your vet example are super hard to reach. They had developed a mail list of next door neighbors to doctors.

    So what makes this a more valuable list than the doctor’s own address? Well, there is a chance that there are domestic gatekeepers at the doctor’s house, the spouse or the help, who might just trash obvious advertising. But guess what happens when the neighbor gets a piece of mail addressed to the doctor? He walks it over to the doctor, personally hands it to him and, if for no other reason than to show he values his neighbor’s concern, will open the letter.

    I don’t know if that list still exists, but it is brilliant.

    I would love to have a copy of your postcard template.

  59. Bob, this method is similar to what I use to find out of state owners to sell them roofs from storm damage except it is easier to find the owners of the homes because they are public record. I look forward to getting the rest of your info on this subject.
    It really is one of the best blogs on actual real world stuff! thanks!

  60. I used to have a direct mail marketing business several years ago. Interested to see if Print Profiteer & your postcard can re-kindle that stream for me again.


  61. Hey Bob, I’m liking this idea! Would love to get your “Postcard Whale Bait” guide & template; it would be a big help in getting this going…

    I’m just getting started with a 9×12 for my area as well. Never seen these before in my mailbox… ;)

  62. Great stuff here Jake!
    Nice twist on getting the owner’s name from the white pages!
    Please send me the template that you use… Thanks!

  63. I love it! You always give big on the value. Thanks so much for the great tips. I’d love to get the template. Thanks! Is the Whale Bait having to do with using something smelly to get them to bite? Jest kiddin’

    1. Hey George, thanks for the kind words, hah no stinkiness required on this one. Just sent it over to ya.

  64. Thank you….enjoyed listening to the podcast…..great information. Looking forward to receiving your postcard template. :)

  65. Hey Jake, great content as always. Really hits a big point for me as I’m wanting to go for these higher end clients for my next card. Can you send me the report and the template? Thanks!

    Almost done with my first 9×12… so excited!

    1. Howard great job getting your first 9×12 nearly complete! Let me know when you’re done, I’d like to hear about your experience. Sending the info your way right now my man.

  66. Jake,

    This sounds like an *awesome* way to get to the business owners. What a sneaky trick!

    I would love to get a copy of your postcard to try this out


  67. Going through the podcasts 1 by 1, tired of being a spectator…..
    Great idea Bob looking forward to the example and report…
    Thanks ahead…
    One to the next pod cast…

  68. Great podcast! Stumbled upon the home address idea myself a couple years ago for my financial services business, and it works GREAT. Requires some manual labor, but response rates are MASSIVELY higher than sending to the business address.

    Would love to see your postcard template, too. You’ve got some great stuff, keep it up!

  69. Hey Bob, I just got referred to this podcast by Ewen, and I am very much interested in getting a template of the postcard mentioned. So if you could give email it to me, that will be greatly appreciated.

  70. Bob, thanks for providing such great information. I am anxious to put this strategy in motion. I would greatly appreciate it if you would email me a copy of the “Post Card Whale Bait” and template. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  71. Bob, it is so refreshing to come across someone like you who is clearly a marketing genius…and he also has a good heart…willing to help out fellow entrepreneurs free of charge…wow…good for you…you are impressive…your info is awesome…thanks a ton:)

  72. So far you are giving great information that is easy to be applied. Could you please send me the report and template? Oh and is episode 3 still available somewhere to listen to?

  73. Excellent as always, I need to get back to trying this again full force,funny how they still call you BOB lol Please send me the report and template. thanks Jake

  74. Jake “Bob Ross”,

    Thanks for doing these podcasts. Love the intro and the sound is great.

    I’m just now starting to go through the podcasts to get an idea of how I can implement this into my existing business. I don’t have any of your products as of yet. Currently, I do website design & marketing (SEO, PPC, etc.).

    And, as you mentioned in this podcast, it’s a much tougher sell to do for a prospect and many (more than most know) just don’t get SEO, PPC, or even marketing in general, BUT they do get print media, postcards, etc. as it’s something they already spend money on.

    You also make a great point when you stated that it’s best when the prospect calls you back, because now you have a prospect that is interested in what you have to offer. Beats having to try and cold-call, lumpy mail them or even walk into their business.

    When you get a moment, could you please send me the report and template.

    Keep up the good work.


  75. This is the best idea I’ve seen in quite some time. One of these hasn’t arrived at the mailbox yet so there may be a market for it. Could you please send me the report and template? Thanks for all you do for us.

  76. Sounds like a good way to get in the door. I would like to try it out and see the results. I would be very interested in the report and template spoken about.

  77. Great info, thoroughly useful as always. I am starting this straight away, too important to put off. Thanks Jake always look forward to your podcasts and newsletters. Highly actionable stuff, not to be ignored. Thank you. And again, many thanks in advance for the coming template and report. Please send it! :)

  78. Great info as always Jake. I love this training you have in these podcasts but better than that, I appreciate your “run-down” of the videos as well, as it helps to ensure absolutely NOTHING is missed. Am most interested in the report and template if still available to us!! Thanks

  79. Just bought 2 of your reports and am OVERWHELMED by the great info ! No filler, just pages of ideas that are working now ! Would you please send me the postcard template and report mentioned in Podcast #4 ? Thanks for all you do…… Larry

  80. Bob…..is this Podcast a continuation of your Reactivation Profits System found in the Members area ? I WILL be joining the Members area after I get a few Podcasts under my belt. Thanks

  81. I’ve been combing through your podcasts over the past few days.. Stellar content, no bs, pure gold, and enjoyable to listen.

    I’m going to email you right now to see if this Postcard Template is still available. Thanks!

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