Episode 4: My Top-Secret Ninja Method to Bypass Even The Most Iron-Fisted Gatekeepers.

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Today you’ll learn one of my most prized and secret methods for getting your service across to an owner.  I’ll share with you a very clever and downright sneaky method that cuts out the gatekeeper entirely. Believe it or not, I do it by using a simple postcard you can print at home.

But the way it’s done is like nothing you’ve ever thought.

Not only will you learn how to do this simple and powerful method, but I even show you a perfect example of a money making lead generating postcard you can put in use right now. This is a proven, powerful strategy that I’ve been using to bring in leads for all sorts of services for years and you can duplicate it immediately.

1:20 : There’s no reason you can’t make a lot of money selling print (direct mail) because it’s easy to pitch and  can work with an unlimited budget.

3:10 : Why professional gatekeeping businesses are exactly who you want to target for landing a big whale, where one deal alone can make a car payment or even a house payment.

4:05 : Are you like most people and don’t want to always get past gatekeepers via cold calling or face-to-face? That’s OK!

4:29 : The most common method to getting past the gatekeeper without calling is to use creative direct mail pieces. While they may work if done frequently and often enough, I personally think they’re often too tacky and too expensive to bother with.

6:15 : How I discovered a cheap, effective, and clever method years ago. I found that it’s better to avoid striving for the chance to cold pitch a decision maker and instead pique their curiousity enough to get them to call YOU back for more info.

8:35 : One creative direct mail method that I’m surpised no one thought of. And this would be IMPOSSIBLE to not be noticed. If getting noticed is what you’re looking for, this one is the king.

9:00 : A virtual copy/paste method of getting business owners of larger local company’s to call you for your services.

11:00 : An example of a great industry to target, which is just one of many. Like other industries with professional gatekeepers, you simply need to get your service across to them, but how do you do it?

12:21 : How to create this amazing lead generating postcard and gear it SPECIFICALLY to their industry. It can be made on your home printer and requires nearly no skill on your part.

13:30 : The headlines I use that are so specifically clear it hits them right in the face. Also, the subhead that will show them it’s a perfect fit and other elements that are needed.

15:45 : How to use one particular stock image that will portray a significant amount of trust and credibility.

16:00 : The secret revealed. This is how I make sure  the message gets to the decision maker without a hitch. Instead of spending a fortune to get a direct mail piece to a decision maker, who’s probably so frazzled and busy they’ll toss it right out …. use this strategy to nail them when they’re off-guard, relaxed, and unprotected by even the most iron fisted gatekeeper.


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Want your own postcard template to make money with?

If you’d like your  own template of this lead generating card… all you have to do is leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I’ll send it over to you along with a short report with some more golden nuggets to go along with it.