Episode 12: Tom Gaddis In Hawaii Goes from Unemployed to Selling 16 spots in 7 days, landing copywriting gigs at $1500 each, and even selling 15k/yearly contractors by solo mail!

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Tom Gaddis moved from Oklahoma to Maui (Hawaii) a few years ago with no professional contacts whatsoever. After working as a struggling magician and bubba gump restaurant manager, he soon found himself out of a job and unemployment running out.

Then he happened to come across the 9×12 system, picked it up, and within 7 days of starting prospecting had his first 10k card sold with 16 advertisers at around $500 per spot.

This is all after failing miserably trying to sell SEO and internet services to business owners who couldn’t understand what any of it even was.

During this roughly 30 minute interview you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s SO important not to give up
  • How he transitioned his 9×12 clients to other services in order to make more money
  • A hilarious story about how he sold a gym that backed out at the last minute, but¬†ended up selling their franchise competitor across the street for a 9×12 spot as well as write some copy for them for $1500 bucks!
  • How to talk to business owners
  • How to dress and how not to dress
  • How to use a proven acting technique to polish your pitch at home
  • And LOTS more, including him sharing that a mailer he sent for his own business 3 weeks ago landed him a $15,000 per year contract.

Tom has been a member of mine since the beginning and will probably have no problem responding to any questions you may have, so ask down below if needed.


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  1. Thanks Jake for taking the time to let me share my story.

    Doing this podcast got me thinking there might be other entrepreneurs out there that need help. So, I’ve started a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/entrepreneurempire/

    If you defied the odds and started a business join and share your experience.

    If you want to start a business and are interested in learning how everyday folks think outside the box to do just that, join and let’s build an entrepreneur empire together.


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